[Request] Sony Vaio Tap11(SVT11217CGW) BIOS Unlock.

My lap top is Sony VAIO TAP11(SVT11217CGW) and I added the LTE module(Huawei me906e).

However, the LTE module was not recognized in the network device.

So I have to unlock the BIOS advanced menu.
My lap top BIOS Rom file was extracted with Universal Bios Backup Tookit 2.0.

My laptop specification is as follows.
CPU: Intel core i7-4610Y 1.7GHz
OS: Windows 8
Ram: 4G
BIOS: Insyde H20. R1140V8, 2014-11-18

Please help me unlock the bios.
Thank you.

bios(svt11217cgw).zip (2.43 MB)



I need to know if it is possible to rewrite your BIOS. To do this, run BACKUP_Tools and provide the output file “results”.

This Backup tools isn’t working on my laptop.
Could you recommend another tools?
Thank you.

These are the only ones.
If it isn’t working for you, I am afraid that your BIOS can be unlocked using the SPI programmer only.

My lap top BIOS Rom file was extracted with Backup Tools12.
Could you check this file?
Thank you.,

results.rar (7.23 MB)

Ok, but either way you’re getting the error on writing: “failed to disable write protection for the BIOS space”. No luck with flashing BIOS using a software method.

I’m sad that this file doesn’t work.
Is there any other way?

I’m going to try SPI programmer.
I think it will take some time.
If I succeed, I will let you know again later.

Thank you.