[REQUEST] Sony VAIO VPCF236FM (Sandy Bridge) BIOS unlock


I tried following guides and everything and have gotten some options to show up, but no matter what i do, i cant make the hidden Advanced Menu appear. Its got one Handle for the basic “Advanced” menu and another for the real Advanced Menu. I think this might need to go through some hex editing?

Here’s the latest output from AFUWIN. Could someone unlock it or point me to the right direction?

THanks in advance!

EDIT: I might have forgotten some crucial details

Its an Aptio Setup, ME version, and was partly modified using AMIBCP 4.55, and flashed with AFUWIN.

bios.zip (947 KB)

Here you go. Try this on for size. All I did was change access from "default" to "user" in AMIBCP. See if that enables the second Advanced tab

mod_bios.zip (1.91 MB)

It did display some new options on the BOOT tab, but nothing on the Advanced tab. Might be the handle* thing i was talking about, not sure.
Screenshot are attached.



Ok. What specifically are you trying to unlock? Your IFR isn’t an easy True to False change and I’m still a newby. Might take me a bit longer but I’ll do what I can. Do you have a way to recover in case of a brick?

I have my trusty CH341A with me at all times (at home at least), so no problem there. Still havent explored anough of the motherboard to find the flash that has the BIOS on it, but shouldn’t be difficult.

The entire "hidden" advanced menu, if possible.


Only the first parent menus not visible should be changed to USER, then after flashed check again wot sub menus need more change to USER, usually, the parent menu unlocks all subs.

EDIT: No, he changed in ALL, this is not usually correct, i said ONLY those not visible and main menus not sub, subs only if necessary.

According to AMIBCP, this is exactly what @CivicObligation has done, no menu has been shown whatsoever.

Sorry for not getting back to you. I’ve been down with the Coronavirus and haven’t even looked at it since I last posted. The Setup IFR file was pretty convoluted, but it looked like the way to unlock.

I do remember I went ahead and changed almost everything to USER because he said it had already been previously modified by AMIBCP and it didn’t work.

Bump nº2?

Also don’t worry @CivicObligation. Hope you’re doing alright! Health first, hobby second.

Unlocked: R2150V3.zip.

I have this laptop, and I just fixed the bios, does anyone have the laptop schematics, i cant find it, thanks anyway!