[Request] Sony Vaio Vpcz215gb bios

Hi all. I’ve been lurking in the shadows at this forum for a while now. And I’ve used a lot of info here to mod bios for 775 motherboards, or to get to know a little bit more about modding in general. But right now I am going to do what I believe is the main reason the forum is closing, and I wouldn’t do so if I had any other option, and I truly apologize about that.
But on to the topic, I own a Vaio Z2 VPC215GB/B, and I managed to brick it by forcinng a bios that is not even remotely compatible in it. The problem is, I have not been able to find its original bios literally anywhere, being the closest a R0170H5 bios from a VPCZ21X9R, which I believe is very similar to the one I own, but I am not sure if flashing it would work or not. Before that I also tried the old topic to access the advanced settings, only to find out today that there is a github project about it. If anyone could shed a light on where to get the original bios I would be eternaly grateful!!

Laptop Model: VPCZ215GB/B
Board Model: MBX-236 1-884-567-13
Original Bios: R0170H5, and later on updated to R0172H5
CPU model: I5-2410m


Find BIOS version R1013H5 in attachments. If for some reason the installer interrupts the update due to incompatibility, I can upload R0173H5.


EP0000269801.zip (4.71 MB)

Hi, thank you for your info but you kinda got me lost there:

"If for some reason the installer interrupts the update due to incompatibility"

I am not sure what you meant. For this and some other bios from the FTP site what I did was to extract the .rom with the UniExtract application on my desktop computer. Can I or beter, do I need to run the .exe? Because when extracted with UniExtract there is a WBFLASH.exe, and I believe that’s exactly how I bricked my laptop in the first place. Is there any harm in just hitting the .exe file on another computer?

EDIT: for some reason the .zip file was not showing previously, my bad

I can do this as many times as I want on mine, and I get an incompatibility error. I’m sorry if my words didn’t make any sense for you, but I just thought this is what usually happens when you run an .exe on any inappropriate hardware.

Unlocked BIOS: R0173H5.zip.
More PX options also added.

Okay, so I finally had the chance to look it up. I extracted it with 7-Zip, R0173H5.rom bios file doesn’t show any microcode when checking inside of the file. Is this common I ask? Because a original R0170H5.rom shows all microcodes available inside. Do I need to insert the microcodes into the R0173H5.rom without modifying anything else? Sorry for my complicated English