[REQUEST] Supermicro A1SAM-2550F to enable PCIe 1.0a support

Hi All,

I’ve just bought a Supermicro A1SAM-2550F which I was planning to use with two TBS6984 (Quad DVB-S2 Tuners) I already own and find out that the Supermicro BIOS doesn’t support, or at least is probably hidden in the BIOS menu, PCIe 1.0a.

I did some research and contacted Supermicro (without much success), and apparently there should be a menu option which allows to select a Gen1 PCIe support which should just do the trick.

In attachment a picture of what the existing (and latest BIOS available v2.1) gives you as possible PCIe menu options.

I was wondering if any of you gifted people could help me please, pretty please ?



Normally PCIe 2 should be backwards compatible with PCIe 1. Did you try the cards in this board?

Yes, I tried the cards and the system didn’t recognised them, I let the UEFI shell run and invoked the “pci” command and the TBS weren’t there. The PCIe configuration options in the BIOS are very limited as in the picture. I’ve found someone else on the TBS forum having the same problem with another very similar Supermicro board (not this particular model though) and some recommendation were to enable the I2C SMBUS jumpers (which I did) and set the ASPM support to “ForceLO”, but unfortunately didn’t help.

The only solution seems to modify the BIOS and enable the extra options which should allow me to select the PCIe Gen mode to 1 or at least this is what I hope, because on the same TBS forum someone else mentioned that other Supermicro boards have that options and therefore the TBS cards are indeed recognized by the BIOS.


That’s what UBU can extract automatically from setup of your bios- not too much PCIe/PCI-E settings

setup_extr.txt (251 KB)

Many, thanks for that. I noticed settings relative to PCI GEN2, but nothing AFAIK relative to GEN 1 or a way to select which gen to support…

Another thing, as a test I tried a SilverStone SST-ECWA2-Lite PCIe card and it did work, but I couldn’t find any reference even on the manufacturer website about its PCIe version. I’m tempted to buy a cheap used device PCIe 1.0a just to make sure is not the TBS the real issue?