[Request] Supermicro X10SRA-F BIOS mod

Hello, per your suggestion I’ve created a separate thread for my case.

My setup:
- E5-2687w v3 on Supermicro X10SRA-F. BIOS Link: https://www.supermicro.com/about/policie…wareItemID=6671
- A nasty 5$ flash programmer

My goals were:
- Turbo unlock on all cores (a v3x4 driver)
- Clean ME FW
- Get rid of 95.2Mhz … or it’s better to say under 100Mhz BCLK.
- Unlock menus

I was unable to edit ME because of server version: SKU - GR, Family - SPS, Version - Intel FIT can’t do anything. So, I don’t know how to edit ME ICC profile to get rid of ±5% SSC or how it is called. Same goes for cleaning attempt. Maybe, I’m way too dumb for all of this …

If you will be able to help me that will be much appreciated.

@Enraiha - A nasty $5 programmer? It that more nasty than the $2.50 ones?

Please dump BIOS with flash programmer and send me copy. Also, please link to our original discussion, I’m Lost as you know
Also, link to guide/method about this Turbo unlock stuff so I can see what needs done, if this is not in our original discussion area.

For the ME, you need SPS v3 System Tools package, I have two versions I think so one should work I hope.
What does clean ME mean to you? To me, this means use clean ME stock FW base and update ME FW to latest version, is that what this means to you? If yes, OK, I may be able to do, if I have latest or at least newer ME FW
If I do not have another newer ME FW, I would leave as-is, and make the changes you want that affect Bclk.

For BIOS menu unlock, I need images of your total BIOS, all pages, all submenus, all settings. Don’t forget “Root” of each page as well so I can see at quick glace all submenus, like inside Advanced for example
You may be able to screenshot to USB via F12, if not, use camera on lowest quality setting (smallest file etc), and then 7zip or zip archive them using max compression.
If you have some cheap tiny camera that would probably be better for this, I only need quick low quality look at the BIOS pages, I do not need 3-5K images that are 1-3+ MB each

Oh yeah, it’s a black edition, baby

Unfortunately, atm I’m 300km away from my server so I can’t dump anything now. If you can use bios file from the SM website that would be great. Let’s ignore ME FW for now.

here we are [GUIDE] Haswell-E/EP Xeon CPUID:306F2 Turbo Unlock (2)

can you share it with me? it would be great.

yeah, that’s what I wanted. But let’s postpone this.

Ok, I will do some screens of the BIOS via IPMI later.

Wow, that is a lot of quotes for no reason I paid $2.50 for my black and GOLD one

300KM away from server??? Well then why did you mention having a programmer? Can you flash mod BIOS on this system, or are you not sure yet?

On SPS tools, I checked all three versions I have, and none will open this BIOS properly.
So for that, you’ll have to wait until Plutomaniac is back around, once you see him posting again send me link to this thread in a PM reminder and I will ask him to check and get us a working version if he has one

Well, yeah, I’m 300km away from the server bcoz I’m on business trip until 21st Dec. No wonder bcoz 2 weeks has passed since my request :wink:

I can flash BIOS remotely without any problems.