[Request] SuperMicro X12SCZ-F BIOS with RocketLake Support

I need some help with a BIOS mod please.

This motherboard uses the W480E Chipset that supports Rocket Lake/11th Gen CPUs, but SuperMicro does not have a BIOS update available to add support for these CPUs.

Would someone please mod the BIOS to add 11th Gen/Rocket Lake support?

The latest BIOS can be found here: https://www.supermicro.com/support/resources/results.aspx
And I have attached it to this post.

Thanks for your help!

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BIOS_X12SCZ-1B6E_20210111_1.0a_STDsp.bin.zip (9.62 MB)

U can try add the mcodes A0670/1 and/or ME FW update.