Wanting to use this board for my storage server really need bifurcation support for NVMe drives for VDev, L2ARC, ZIL ect… on ZFS. Would also like NVMe boot support if possible. Latest BIOS from SuperMicro here Tried my had at doing this myself, but I honestly feel in over my head.

All your “wishes” in the forum… you just need to use the “good” search box on the forum, good luck, cheers!

shit I never even thought to search for the board I was trying to do it myself… FML I really need someone to sit down and teach me how to do this…

followed as much as I could still slam into endless road blocks. The guides arnt made to be picked up easily and not much is explained… I wasn’t using the right version of the tool found the right ones now. Now the explanations on how to enable these menus is confusing and not well layed out… how do I enable them?

update think I got it there was other settings for other PCI ports but the menu was not “complete” it does show more. IDK kinda still stumbling through it.

What you found is present on some bioses from X79 and X99, if this settings are present in your bios then you may continue the learning process, if not then BIF is not possible in your C602.
This is not tasks to do in a snap of a finger…so its your time and learning process only, as many users have done it already.
NVMe is straight trough with Fernando’s guide.
Doubts and issues you may post on the related action threads.

“…need bifurcation support for NVMe drives for VDev, L2ARC, ZIL ect… on ZFS.”
Last note… dont expect that every model of modern storage device/interfaces work with these mods, this is mods not official functions like present in modern system boards.