[Request] Supermicro X9QRI-F+ Bios Update

Hi all !
absolutely outstanding forum this is !

I have been reading a lot but I don’t want to risk doing wrong using UBU to update my bios and then get messed up

Would there be someone so kind and update my bios for me ?

I have a Supermicro X9QRI-F+ with four Xeon E5 4657LV2 and 128gb ram

latest bios from 2015
BIOS File Name: X9QR7TP5_520.zip
Size (KB): 3,989
BIOS Revision: R 3.0b

I use Win10 x64 for Workstations as this version accepts all the cores

adding boot from pcie M.2 NVMe is welcome too

I would tip if it takes you much time
as long as it is rock solid

Thank you !

X9QR7TP5_520.zip (3.9 MB)

anyone ? or all of you are newbees


100$ to pay a newbee?
No one answered u request due to that smart words u used… why dont u offer 500 or 1000$
No time and afraid of UBU… well my friend the risk IS ALWAYS ON UR SIDE upon flashing the mod, UBU is the easy part and u take the same risks with UBU as any one here doing the same.
No one can assure u that after flashing the mod the board will boot, thats the risks of modding and only the person can take it or not.
If u dont want to take no risks, then stay put. If u want to engage u better have a SPI programmer already tested making a dump of the spi on the motherboard.
The guides r very well documented and plenty of users do it every day… im sure that a person with such hardware in hands must have some degree of TI area.




I don’t see the risk as if it doesn’t boot I’d just reflash it to stock
I am in it now, I just thought that there were kind people here who would help out
and offering a return
I know where to find professionals

i’ll find it out,

what is the message file -UBU not present error ?