[Request] Teclast ami bios modding for loading optimized defaults after flash

I have a teclast x98 air which doesn’t recognize otg devices or keyboard and it has only android istalled.I guess the previous owner messed up something in the bios,so no keyboard to enter bios.I need a modded bios that would restore the default settings after flashing it.I have the bios that needs modding

Link to current firmware/ bios, device information?

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The tablet is A Teclast X98 air III(M5C5)Here is the link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SIVkj4P…iew?usp=sharing

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ID NUMBER? EDIT: OK model posted… and i didnt try to search anything…ur task only. Try cleaning/update TXE v1 or w8 for lfb6 tips.
Intel (Converged Security) Trusted Execution Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools

Ur posting a file… wot file… an original from Teclast, an OEM, a corrupted… current dump

EDIT: Again… this file origin? Defaults can be taken from clean OEM bios file… not dumps. Im just getting ahead of lbf6 and this info is needed, wait for him.

ID: M5C5 . That is a bios that works.I have tested it.You won’t find any firmware in teclast page

Can the bios be modded to load optimized defaults when i flash it through DNX mode?The link you posted is for updating the intel firmware and requires windows to be running.The tablet currently has only android.The bios that i posted is for running windows and android dual boot.

Well this is the only bios that i could find for my tablet.Maybe there is a bios in panbaidu but i can’t download from there.If i can find an original bios from the same series X98 tablets will it help?

Sorry, no idea how these double boot thingies work. I’d try it from the android site (adb?), there’s been quite a lot of activity round this device, several kits available which inculde some promising things like 'ManufacturingFlashTool_Setup’






Thanks for the links.I have already checked all of them.I believe that even if i flash a stock original bios the settings in bios that where changed before won’t reset.So there isn’t a way to add some sort of command in bios to run optimized defaults after flashing it?

Not in the bios image itself, possibly in the flash program. I haven’t the slightest idea what did happen to this tablet- what got written to which place/ address- and what you already tried. It’s certainly possible to find out where which image is located, what the device name is and how it would be acessible from the outside, but that would require one of those tablets, a lot of free time and a lot of curiousity…

Otherwise- if you are sure that it’s just flashing back the bios you posted- you might open the device, buy a CH341 programmer EDIT and possibly a 1.8V adapter, dump/ make a valid backup of the old bios (to have the possiblity to restore machine specific data!!) and reprogram the firmware chip…

It’s been done before: