[Request] Thunderbolt Support for Dell Inspiron 5402

I have a Dell Laptop (5402)which has Thunderbolt 4 and in BIOS the options to enable it are there, but the security settings aren’t. I think it’s defaulted to Displayport only so I need the module updated with the menu. I can see the option in Command, but can’t use that since it’s not a business laptop. I have a latitude with the correct settings but since dell does the bios guard stuff I don’t think I can just cherry pick the stuff I want. I tried extracting with PFS which is successful, but not sure where to go next. I also am not sure how to dump this particular bios. It looks like CSME would do that but im not sure how. If someone could help me add these menu items i’d appreciate it. I can’t uplaod files larger than 12MB

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