[Request] Touchpad i2c Windows 7 Driver

Hi to All,
i have downgrade my notebook from windows 10 to windows 7 (for now i like more use windows 7).

I have found all driver but not thouchpad driver for Windows 7.
The Tochpad is on i2c bus. (i have installed serial Intel io driver)
The System found tochpad but i’dont find the driver for use in windows 7.
Windows 7 detect mouse how ACPI\ELAN1000

Thanks a lot for help.
By Zilog.

You can try one of these.

Thanks a lot for link!

But i try with all elan driver (Hp, Dell,ecc); i too try change inf files with my model touchapd and laod manualy driver…but not function.
The Touch return error.
(Naturally on windows 10 function corretrly).

Other Idea?

Thanks a lot.

Doesnt the touchpad work at all on w7? I Use a Logitech K400 wireless touch htpc keyboard and it works on xp x86 w7x64 and w10 x64 without adding a driver, its functional on standard ms drivers.

Edit - I have found something, → link ← Scroll down to the Comments section, look for the post by Francesco 10 June, 2016 and then the reply by Anonymous 20 September, 2016, it seems Lenovo may have a driver for you. :slight_smile:

Failing that, use the results of → this google search ← The 3rd result, a driver at Softpedia looks promising. :slight_smile:

Hi, zilog
I am using notebook 32 bit windows 7 so am getting good performance from the my laptop when I was bought a new notebook pad I found all drivers but not found touchpad driver same like that you then I have asked so many friends but I didn’t find all drivers of supports to Windows 7 os, finally I have searched on the internet and finally I have found the driver websites and I have also notebook drivers and I am entering that two websites, can you tell we can trust website and please also suggest the correct driver for it if it is a driver problem.
Thank you.