[REQUEST] tpm 2.0 Asus h97m-plus

please, there is someone that can provide to me a modify version of the latest bios for the motherboard Asus h97m-plus with the support of tpm module 2.0?
Thanks in advance

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Where did u hear of such mod? TPM is a physical device PPT is a virtual one embedded in Bios/ME.
Not possible, only attempts r being made from Intel 100 series up and few success.
Do u have PPT item to set ON in bios? If not then your only chance is buying a TPM module, ur board has a header for it.
Here: Cannot enable Intel PTT (TPM 2.0) at ASUS motherboard

I have a phisical tpm 2.0 module 20 pin device and my motherboard sees it. I can enable it in the voice “Trusted Computing”, but the device remains turn off. I need a bios that can allow me to use the module.
Gigabyte, if you ask at the support, release to yuo a bios version that activate the support for tpm 2.0 module. I had a positive expirience with gigabyte ga-h97-d3h. Asus doesn’t has a bios version for tpm 2.0 for my motherboard. I’m not be able to modify the bios for add tpm 2.0 support.

Im sorry im not understanding wot u mean… Asus bios 3602 has support for TPM…1.2 or 2.0 i really dont know witch is compatible.


Actualy Asus bios 3602 has support for TPM 1.2.

I need a fix for Asus bios 3602 that introduce supports for TPM 2.0

After I saw this page TPM 2.0 support for ASUS Gryphon Z87, finally I saw an hope to have the support for TPM 2.0 also for my mobo.

Now finaly u explained ur request, wasnt simple if in the first place u mentioned this? TPM1.2 to 2.0…
Not seen any mod TPM 1.2 to 2.0 done yet and that thread about the Gryphon never had any report of success.
Only some OEM had supplied a Firmware update for some modules.
Also there is some reports outside this forum of a third party brand new Infinion OEM TPM2.0 module working on Z77/87/97 motherboards.
Nothing more to add to this subject or ur request, by me, good luck.

EDIT: Final remark…wot good is the trouble for TPM2.0 if ur not going to have enough HW specs for win 11… ur max CPU for this board doesnt meet the hw design security features for it.
I have win 11 on several Z77 machines all stable and no fuss from junk talking around the web MS this MS that, tpm this ppt that…cpu this cpu that.
People as soon as their read something…they panic and ask for a miracle instead of using their our brains.
Thats wot u see in the other treads i mentioned and the Gryphon… no light at the end of the tunnel. Not saying impossible but u dont see it done by any one.

I had install windows 11 without problem on Gigabyte ga-h97-d3h motherboard with core i3 4160 and the phisical tpm 2.0 20 pin module and I hadn’t no problem too. I asked to gigabyte support a solution for abilitate tpm module and they sended me a specific version of bios that made the magic. I’m wondering why asus doesn’t making the same thing. I know that microsoft has remove the limits for the hardware and it only want the tpm 2.0 module, uefi bios and secure boot. I can’t accept this behave by asus. I have a good core i5-4590 cpu with 16GB of ram and the 1660 super graphic card and it works well. I will change my rig in the future, but this configuration is however good to use for many years and I don’t wan’t to put this rig into the garbage if it works also well, because in the future I will not use windows 11. I will use this pc as secondary station untill it will break and I need the security that I will able to use windows 11. My request is the same: PLEASE if someone can modify 3602 bios adding TPM 2.0 support, PLEASE make it. I hate throw the things that works well only because someone has decided so. In my case I think that it is useless.

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Asus has good HW devices and features but in the end its a MONEY MACHINE MAKER…period, some request occasionally get a support from them but regarding
old HW generation they tend to not loose any more time with it.
On the other hand Gigabyte always seems to had a little more attention on end user requests when possible and indeed im surprised that they attend to you on a H97, but
can you say that, in fact a request for the support for TPM2.0 on a motherboard has nothing to do with MS W11, so its understandable.

I understand what do you mean. I knew that Asus gave not to the end user the feature that I need. So I made a search to resolve this question by myself or with an help. It’s so unfair from asus. But for now I don’t want surrender. If nobody make this bios modify, I need an help to try to do it by myself please. Can I have help about it?

Hello, you wrote, that Gigabyte gave you an TPM 2.0 compatible BIOS for the Gigabyte H97-d3h. would it be possible, that you can send me the bios file?

I would be interested in the BIOS file as well… Can you send it to me or share it?
Thank you.