request TPM trusted platform module firmware missing in bios for TPM 2.0 windows 11

Hello guys,

I have a request for me Maximus VIII extreme iam running with i9 9900k and for windows11, I need TPM 2.0 I have try to set to PTT with AMIBCP but it didn’t.

But I found out that Iam missing “trusted platform module” in the ‘‘advance’’ tab. If I look in the Bios like form Viii Hero is does have that option.

Iam looking for that to add on my bios I did try couple of things but iam not able to add the firmware.

Is there anybody knows or can help me with?

I will appreciatie.


If u dont see in Advanced, the PCH-FW option, then u have to enable USER for PCH-FW on Advanced first, not only the desired option.

EDIT: Its there my friend… when u open the file with AMIBCP…lol

In ADVANCED set to USER the PCH-FW Configuration, dont need anything else to make the rest of the options available.

PTT looks and acts like TPM. The difference is, computers with Intel PTT don’t require a dedicated processor or memory. Instead they rely on secure access to the system’s host processor and memory to perform low-level system authentication and verification.

Oke I will try that, but where can I find it for PCH_FW -user? @MeatWar but Trusted platform module is for PTT Also Right?

I unlocked FD write/ read acces

Update: I found it in advance, I set on User.
I will try it

Thank you @MeatWar I can see PCH-FW in bios and PTT is enabled, but windows still says cant find TPM module.

But if you look in Bios of VIII Hero you can see ‘‘Trusted computing’’ under the Tab advance, And i dont have that in mine bios, I think thats needed for TPM. Is there a way to copie it or program it


TPM is a Physical device… PTT needs that the processor matches the security requirements, that is not presently on Intel Serie 100 with SkyLake or KabyLake as they do not meet W11 specs.
Asus Intel Serie 200 up till now, with recent bios update releases.
U asked for one thing… u got it, so the rest u can follow that post u pictured as all the users there r trying the same.

Iam looking for TPM 2.0 module or who can add it for me Asus Maximus VIII Extreme z170 or can Copy module

For in the bios

There is no bios module (ROM/EFI) TPM 2.0 for adding in ta motherboard bios, already told u that TPM1/2 is a physical device that can be attached to the motherboard if it has a header to connect it,
what was implemented in Intel 100 series up, was aso called virtual/software version of a TPM but its called PTT and their were not activated by default on some motherboards bios, thats it…
no more miracles here, so some attempts by users are in this thread:
Cannot enable Intel PTT (TPM 2.0) at ASUS motherboard

Yes but mine motherboard does have Z170 chipset and some motherboard like maximus Viii hero z170 does have the module in bios but I dont only have PTT option but no Trusted platform in bios

I really try to find a way.

I have seen also TPM emulator but it’s not easy setup to start

I understand now wot u mean, my opinion is too difficult/impossible and high chance of breaking bios, its not only a simple string/guid, much more attchad to that function.
This reminds me that request about Resize Bar that is around here in the forum…did u saw any success on that operation? U didnt and u will not.

Yes Thats what I think too. it’s way more complicated. I dont have seen it, I tough maybe someone is good with building bios, pragramming or can share hes knowledge

but I do have dubble Bios and I can Flash any bios I want with bios flash back.