Z97 haswell PTT mod help

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to mod my SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 2 motherboard. I have a i7-4790k and my understanding is that haswell had PTT, which PTT then would allow for TPM 2.0 type capability which should enable me to use windows 11?

I’ve tried to pull out TPM drivers from newer motherboard bios’s and port them backwards into my SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 2 bios but no success.

Can someone clarify if this is 1. theoretically doable 2. if they have some tips/know how to do it then would love for you to share! :slight_smile:

Since the forum reports you as first time poster, i do suggest to look for TPM syntax in search box of the forum… you’ll get a few answers to your dilema…but straight simply NO as only very few 9 Series were updated with a new bios release for TPM2.0 support, you can try ASUS but it will be in vain.
And no success reports of mod or integration were found, to my knowledge.

EDIT: As i said before, no successful reports or backport, you search a bit…but you should read more…not a bit, then you’ll understand why.

yes I had searched a bit (been working on it for a week now with trial and all error…) but couldn’t find anything that noted success in forums…but it seems odd as 4th gen haswell has the support for PTT is my understanding so why can we not backport capability from the newer motherboards/chipset bios’s to the Z97?..

Well it is quite confusing (as I’m not sure how to interpret everything I am reading)

for example:

as this person asked “Which processors have Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT)?”

and the reply was "Technically, the answer is none. In reality, the answer is a bit more complicated. PTT is a feature implemented in the Management Engine (ME), which is built into the chipset. There exist, however, a great many processors that come as System on a Chip (SoC) packages that include both processor and chipset. Support was included starting in 4th gen systems that used SoC packages. Practically all SoC packages for 5th gen and later processors included PTT, as did the corresponding versions of the chipsets for Desktop, etc.

Now, it is important to say that whether a particular motherboard or system has PTT support is dependent upon the appropriate firmware being included, both in the ME and in the BIOS."

my i7 4790k is a 4th gen CPU.

I have found spots on the forum prior where you even reply noting PTT vs TPM:

“There is no bios module (ROM/EFI) TPM 2.0 for adding in ta motherboard bios, already told u that TPM1/2 is a physical device that can be attached to the motherboard if it has a header to connect it,
what was implemented in Intel 100 series up, was aso called virtual/software version of a TPM but its called PTT and their were not activated by default on some motherboards bios, thats it…”

but I did not know what intel 100 series is.

It’s not clear that if PTT is enabled, it will equate to TPM 1.2 or 2.0, rather that it is something completely different yet compatible for windows 11. Yet there is no list of PTT capable CPUs other than notes about haswell/gen 4 being PTT capable.

First my question is, is the processor capable of PTT and second, if so, is that equal newer processors PTT capabilities?

If someone was able to program PTT capability drivers for haswell/gen4 then would it be doable or is it simply not doable due to the limitations of the PTT implementation on haswell/gen4 CPUs?

I know in Windows 11 you can override the compatible CPU list to use a CPU not on the list, but did not want to venture into TPM emulation to overcome the TPM requirement, as I thought my CPU has PTT and should be strong enough to handle Windows 11 so I am not concerned about overriding the compatible processors flag.

Intel® Platform Trust Technology is a flag/fuse implemented in the ME and also it need that the bios is ready to access to it and allows then configurations. This is what is implemented in Intel 100 Series up.
So processors…really none
So no PTT implemented in Haswell ME FW, so no doable users around.
There is an MSI H97, serie 9 not 8… that a user asked for a bios update for TPM2.0 to MSI and he got it, thats the only case im aware.

So to confirm what you are saying is:
The processors do not have PTT capabilities in them - it’s the chipset which dictates if PTT is available. Chipsets from intel 100 series which appear to be 2015 Q3 launch date and up, have PTT support. Which Haswell is from 2014~. Thus gen 4 CPU’s wouldn’t have it.

I am confused though why there’s mentions of gen 4 Haswell having PTT.

easiest way to install win 11 is by using rufus bypass, or make an iso by copying win 10 .iso contents, open win 11.iso and find install.wim, copy that, then replace the win 10 install.wim/install.esd with win 11 install.wim. then use an iso burner to make a file from it. i used that and it worked (since it’s using win 10 installer but the in the installer is win 11 os) on my B75M HD3 setup a year ago.

Decided to go back to win 10 cause vanguard would only lets pc with tpm/ptt and secure boot enabled.

My 2nd PC with i5 3470 + Z68A GD65 G3 currently using win 11, and used the iso that i made. no problems so far, and windows update keep updating like usual.

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not ideal but at least it’s an option. Would be a shame to stop using this great CPU if i feel I need to upgrade to windows 11. Currently i’m fine with windows 10 but if I can jump to windows 11 then I will.

here is a good guide for people’s reference for win 11 based on what Koekieezz stated.