[REQUEST] UEFI + Legacy Monster Notebook Abra A7 V12.1

BIOS Sürümü/Tarihi INSYDE Corp. 1.07.07TFB, 12.05.2020
Can somebody check this BIOS?
If possible please unlock most of the hidden features this BIOS sucks.
I dont know where to download the BIOS updates. I only have an AIDA64 report
AIDA64 Report

I can give it a try, we’ll be needing a BIOS dump from your system nonetheless, even if there were a firmware upgrade somewhere in Monster’s website.

Because it’s an Intel machine, you need to run a program that depends on the platform and since it’s running a Comet Lake-H we should need either 14.0 or 14.1. I’ve made a package with both and some scripts.

BIOS Handling.zip (793.4 KB)

Extract the folder and try the “Dump BIOS” scripts (right click, choose to run as administrator), we’re looking for an output similar to this and a file named “BIOS.bin” in that folder:

When you get it, upload that file for me somewhere to take a look and we’ll see. Oh by the way, before doing the dump, please remove any password you may have in the BIOS setup, just in case.

PS. What a company! The site is all in Turkish, but the way they’re naming their lineups is insane! :smiley:

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I think i did it