[REQUEST] Unlock Acer Aspire 4752G BIOS

[REQUEST] Unlock Acer Aspire 4752G BIOS

I run Windows 10 Pro 64bit on that Laptop and would need an unlocked BIOS (all advanced and/or invisible features) to get most out of the machine

Just found out that the latest BIOS is an Acer Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Setup Version 2.19. The link to the BIOS from Acer is below. The picture I had from BIOS is just from the 2.13 which I used till today and just updated to 2.19 by DOS (w10 update impossible), That picture I uploaded to PostImage: https://i.postimg.cc/HnTnW5PG/Acer4752-G-Bios.png and it still shows the BIOS Version 2.13 but that’s the only differs to the now used 2.19
This picture: https://i.postimg.cc/WbHNCQjc/Acer4752-G-MB-Hwinfo.png is about the used MB in the Acer 4752G captured from Hwinfo.

BIOS: 2.19 Link https://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles…C=ACER&SC=AAP_7

Please let me know if you’ll need any more Infos.

Thanks a lot for any help.

@ Lost_N_BIOS :

Could you please take a look at my Request for this (Acer Aspire 4752G) Bios as well for the second one (Acer Aspire One 722) I posted some days earlier here: t7334f54-REQUEST-BIOS-Mod-Unlock-BIOS-Acer-Aspire-One.html?

Both machine running on Windows 10 Pro 2004 64bit and both I upgraded to SSD already. I just need to be able to adjust as good as possible. With both locked BIOS’s they’re not optimal.

Thanks a lot and if you need more info about those machines, please let me know ASAP.

@Quaxth - sorry, but for this model (phoenix based BIOS), I can’t help with BIOS settings or menu, I don’t know how to mod Phoenix BIOS for this stuff
Best to ask for help on this one over at BIOS-mods.com forum. As for the 722, I will check that thread and look at it’s BIOS for you

@Lost_N_BIOS : thanks for that answer and I’ll follow your suggestion.


@Lost_N_BIOS :

Unfortunately at Bios-mod.com, I could not post (and others as well!) because there is a problem with thems Forum Software. Also sending PM to Admin and/or Support didn’t work too!

Anyway, Thanks to you and have a good weekend.