[Request] Unlock Acer Q77H2-AM

Would you pls unlock the option for choosing onboard or discrete graphic card section in the bios, by default it is in auto mode and off, I need it for power restoring, it causes black screen while system is in windows but no screen from both graphic cards,

I tried updating bios drivers by UFU , the result was a bin file with 3 MB volume which is more than original ( 2.5 MB ) so the afu software refuses to write the bios giving error the bios file size doesn’t match.


P01-A2.zip (1.82 MB)

Yeah UFU… it can do that, now lets try UBU, the latest didnt worked well in some modules update and UBU doesn’t grow file size… maybe its UFU options, too much beer maybe.
For unlocks try AMIBCP
For success flashing… dont ask, dont care, dunno, cheers.

if u would have said too much weed it could make sense, miss typo sorry , but it does not grow anything just makes it fat. attached are both files you may see the growth.

UBU.zip (3.81 MB)

tried bcp 4.53, have no idea how to change the parameters. I just need to change graphic output from onboard to the external vga that option is off in bios by default, thanks

thats the one