[REQUEST] Unlock Advanced menu from bios of Samsung Odyssey

I can’t find anywhere any tutorial to unlock Samsung Odyssey advanced BIOS menu, could anyone help me?!

Hi friend, first of all make a right request , so write your PC producer and model, then point to the stock bios version link and write your actual bios version.
If you want to get bios mod then upload a Bios Backup, if it’s an AMI pc , then you can use AFUdos or AFUwin64 /O to get it or you can use this tool ,
run it as Admin and upload the result file :



Hi, this is AMI Bios, laptop samsung odyssey (800G5M)

bios file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cqn51s80o…dyssey.bin/file

bios screen: https://imgur.com/AUrkBli