[REQUEST] Unlock advanced menu in Acer Predator Triton 700 (PT715-51-71w9)

Hi, I want BIOS unlocked to edit some memory profiles and tweak SATA/RST configurations. Also, Is it possible to know what was changed so that I can do it myself if needs arise?

Model: Acer Predator Triton 700 (PT715-51-71w9)
BIOS: v1.06 (InsydeH2O Rev. 5)
BIOS chip: winbond w25q128jvsq

I dumped the BIOS using CH341A + SOIC8 clip and AsProgrammer 1.41


Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.

@sr2101 - Good you have flash programmer, I am not pro at Insyde BIOS edits, it may take a few tries before we get perfect
Here is first try, maybe we’ll get luck right off the bat

We actually got lucky for our first time! I am able to access the actual advanced setting now.
Thanks for your help!

@sr2101 - Awesome to hear it, and thanks for the confirmation back!
You’re welcome

I am sorry, could you share the solution again? the URL seems to be broken and I am having the same issue trying to install ubuntu in my acer predator triton 700 (PT715-51)
Thank you!

Hi friend, use this tool run it as Admin and upload the result file here :


let mw know

P.S. Have you an SPI programmer ?