[Request] Unlock advanced menu on 2019 Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-52

Yes, for now that is OK. Your ME FW was like this from the get-go, I think something is wrong there, but it’s OK to use as it is since you’ve been using it all along that way.
Once plutomaniac gets back and has time, I’m sure he will find the issue, he’s the ME FW Guru! You want ME FW working properly, but it’s OK for now.

Yes, you can put back together since long ago, once you FPT flashed after programming in BIOS from #10 I mentioned this too you, maybe a few times, but maybe I said wait just to be sure?
But yes, now I see for sure you can -rewrite the entire chip even with FPT, all is unlocked and you can do all corrections later via FPT in windows.

Hi @Lost_N_BIOS can you please give me some hints how to deal with fan controls? No matter what I set I always have minimum 2000 rpm on cpu fan and 2500 rpm on gpu. Here is Thermal management menu


I even set both trip points 0 and 1 to value zero but nothing can impact. I just always have these rpm on idle

What I need is to set both fans to 0 rpm or no more than 1000 rpm if temperatures below 50C

This is possibly controlled by EC. In the BIOS, there is two areas with same/similar settings (Platform or DPTF), whichever is used, you may be able use the other instead and then it would work.
If this is not hard controlled by EC FW. Try DPTF and make your changes there to test, if no effect try Platform area instead
You could also enable “Passive Trip Points” in either area, and see what effect if any that has

Yes, this is EC Controlled, but may also be controlled by the BIOS settings as they may interact with the EC FW, unsure. Here’s why I say this


Dump your EC FW chip and let me see contents, maybe I can tell where/how to adjust

@Lost_N_BIOS This is what I was afraid of, that those EC chip is responsible for fan curves
And in bios I tried already to play with settings in Platform, DPTF, make passive etc but nothing worked

So those EC chip is Winbond 25Q80EWNIG

There are 2 fans in the system - CPU and GPU/system, max speed is around 5500-6000 rpm (100%) and in idle they keep CPU and system temperature at 34C and spinning at 1680 rpm (30%) CPU and 2160 rpm (40%) GPU/System
Is there anything in those EC similar to the relation temperature-speed to these numbers
CPU 34 (or smth below 40C) - 30
GPU/System 34-40% ?
Can you check please?

PS Since I have the dump, if I will just erase this EC chip and try to boot up, can I make the system to switch to control fans from bios? (just a crazy idea)

Thanks, I will look, but EC FW there is no tools that I know of, so all I can do is blind search. Thank you for possible items/info to search for, that should help

You can’t boot without EC usually, but maybe you will get lucky and it will boot, and then BIOS controls will work?! If it does boot, other stuff may not be working, so be ready for other issues.

NVIDIA LE4914 SKU 50 VGA BIOS Version - 04/10/19 << This blob (vBIOS) in there twice = TU116M [GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Mobile]
That’s all I see for now, no time to look deeper yet

Occurrences of 30% / 1E = 2510
40% / 2E = 2760

I’ll cut out the 2 vBIOS later, and see what’s left

Yes this is very similar to what is needed. However if 30% is 2510 rpm then 40% must be 3350
Can it be different fans (cpu/gpu)? Or maybe dependency on different sensors …

Actually what I would do is just replace 30% with 20% in order to get proper fan speed on idle

@Lost_N_BIOS As discussed, please ignore previous dump and use this one

Ha, if only it was so easy! You misunderstood what I wrote there, I meant Occurrences of 30% / 1E = 2510 results/instances of 1E found (If it’s even that easy to find), so I could never locate it that way
But, that was quick glance, search etc, I’ve not removed the vBIOS yet and see what’s left, maybe better chance of spotting something then.

* Edit - yes, that new dump contains >> 4/10/19 - LE4914 SKU 30 VGA BIOS - Version 90.06.2F.00.CF >> 10DE 1F111 >> TU106M [GeForce RTX 2060 Mobile] x 2
Will cut and inspect. Can you dump vBIOS with GPU-z, if yes, is it Intel or NVIDIA one? Can you choose Nvidia from the dropout on the bottom, if yes, do that and then dump vBIOS if it will let you,



* Edit - I think this is just single vBIOS image, EFI and orom in there, I compared to a few older dumps from TPU and it looks nearly same.
So, I don’t think this chip contains EC FW also, maybe another chip has it? Or it’s in BIOS only.

@Lost_N_BIOS Well there are only 2 chips on the motherboard in such form-factor soic-8
But of coz there are dozens of other chips to which I can’t connect by programmer anyway
So you want to say that those EC to which bios refers in the message “Fan speed that EC will use if OS is hung” not necessarily this 25Q80EWNIG ? If so there is only one way to access it is via bios …
In gpu-z I can choose between Intel and Nvidia, will make dumps of vBios today evening


@Lost_N_BIOS I can’t save bios from gpu-z coz it says “Bios reading is not supported on this device”
Is it a matter in general?

OK, that can only mean EC FW is only in BIOS, or not used, or is on some other chip like WSON package instead of SOIC
BIOS EC message may be general/stock text that’s left there in place from base BIOS stock, may or may not be used in this or all machines.

GPU-z, that’s normal. Can you choose Intel and Nvidia on bottom dropout menu or only Intel? If you can choose both, do both give you that same message when selected?

Yes I can choose Intel 630 or Nvidia 2060 and both gave those message when I try to save a vbios

OK, thanks for confirming, this is normal, both are in BIOS only then as I suspected.

Ok @Lost_N_BIOS so is there any chance to adjust fan curve?
In Windows, there is only proprietary software called PredatorSense which can control fans in some way but it doesn’t allow to set fan speed less than 1680/2160 on cpu/system fans which is very loud in idle. And no other software like Aida64, Speedfan can even read fans speed.

Not unless you can find someone mentioning how to edit TCV modules, and which it is in the BIOS.

hi guys ive just purchased an helios 300 2019 (but PH317-53) same rig (i7 9750H, 16GB, but RTX2060) i want to overclock the cpu more than the + 90 mhz of the factory oc …

Hyppo comrad could you give me the details of your motherboard on your PH315-52 ?
Mine is a CFL Alphard_CFS !

And one more question for you Lost_in_bios:
if the mobo is the same :slight_smile: your bios mod could theorically work on my rig right ? nothing special …

i have checked on acer website same BIOS for both PH317-53 AND PH315-52

thank you in advance guys :smiley:

@saltinbank I don’t remember exact motherboard name but yes smth like this)
Anyway you need physical access to bios chip first which means you need to disassemble laptop and pull out the motherboard, for me it takes less than 10 minutes now)

i.e. you need to come to this stage

@saltinbank - You may be able to dump BIOS via FPT and mod it, then flash back. You’ll have to try and see, See post #10 for how to do this and be sure to dump, then do the write back test so I can see what error you get
No, you can’t flash or program in the BIOS I modified here, that has Hyppo’s board info in it and would cause you to loose yours (serial, UUID, Lan MAC ID etc)
If you just want to change a setting or two that can be done via grub without needing to mod or flash any BIOS.

@Lost_N_BIOS Btw I got fan curve table for this model

In real use fans always will be at 1700 rpm CPU and 2200 rpm GPU, so sad we can’t change it. Haven’t you got any ideas occasionally?

thank you so much for you both quick responses guys …

so to put in a nutshell, sorry i have slept 3 hours this night :

So i need to dismount the laptop, so hardmod no softmod possible at all sad …
i want to wait until the end of the garranty, i’ll do it afterwards my final goal : to put liquid metal on the cpu and the gpu anyway, add more ram and a new NVME ssd …

I though i could just dump the bios via software and then reflash it with your modifications …
i was wrong …

Oh BTW for your fan curve : user PFSense to set manually the fan to manual tweaking and min out the values and DISABLE coolboost TM feature which is the culprit raising the fan at iddling …

Not the best solution i know but i think you knew it right …

And Intel ME is piece of garbage (with deep flaws for an attacker) this chip rules all the usefull settings (temps, monitoring, hardware values, networking values), like an API managing the bios hardware for the OS (windows like) …
But i have heard it can be used to attack remotely your device and works like an APT (advanced persistent thread) backdooring the machine at boot (NSA TM).

"The Intel Management Engine (‘IME’ or ‘ME’) is an out-of-band co-processor integrated in all post-2006 Intel-CPU-based PCs. It has full network and memory access and runs proprietary, signed, closed-source software at ring -3, independently of the BIOS, main CPU and platform operating system — a fact which many regard as an unacceptable security risk (particularly given that at least one remotely exploitable security hole has already been reported)."

source: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Sakaki%27s_…nagement_Engine

disabling that shit is essential …

but you need :

To proceed, you will require the following:

an Intel-CPU-based target PC — that does not have Boot Guard enabled — on which you wish to disable the IME;
the target PC may be running an OEM BIOS (such as AMI, Dell etc.), or coreboot;
a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or B+ single board computer (‘RPi3’), for use as an external flash programmer;
a spare >= 8GB microSD card (to hold the 64-bit Gentoo O/S image we will use for the RPi3);
an appropriate IC clip for your target PC’s flash chip, e.g.:
a Pomona 5250 for SOIC-8 chips;
a Pomona 5208 for unsocketed DIP-8 chips, or
a Pomona 5252 for SOIC-16 chips;
8 female-female connector wires (to attach the appropriate clip to the RPi3’s GPIO header);
a maintenance manual for your target PC, where available, to assist in safe disassembly / reassembly; and
whatever tools are stipulated in the above.

Anyway thank you mates, greetings from France …
Vielen Danke, TschÜss …

@Hyppo - how did you get this? Is it related to the TCV thing we discussed (I think that was you/us/TCV in this thread, didn’t look back)
If yes, how did you get? And, will they tell you anything about TCV location, so we can try to inspect/edit?

@saltinbank - see my reply above, you may not have to take apart, only you can follow my directions mentioned and we’ll find out

@Lost_N_BIOS This information must be from service manual. Every Acer laptop has a service manual where such GPU/CPU Fan True Value Table provided. For some reason, it wasn’t in PH315-52 manual so someone asked Acer representative to update it and then gave to me.
What I mean is looking at these numbers, is it possible to find some traces in bios dump (8Mb) or EC dump (1Mb) which we investigated earlier?
And what is TCV? We didn’t use such abbreviations before
Is there some particular thing I should try to ask Acer team?