[Request] Unlock Advanced Menus BIOS MSI Infinite S9TH AND MSI MAG Infinite S 10Th

Hello evryone,
I want to unlock bioses. on this two machines.

MSI Infinite S 9TH v820
MSI MAG Infinite S10TH v800

I don’t have a permisson to post a external link

Thanks a Lot.

What do you want to "unlock" you can post links, just break them, such as msn . com

he would like unlock advanced menus if as possible

would like VTx … sata mode… memory …

So, both these systems, correct? And BIOS versions you mentioned above, of course

I need to see BIOS images from each, so I can see what you see vs what is hidden
Please use F12 to screenshot to USB, then put each systems images in their own folder, and max compress in 7z/zip or rar

Do these systems have “M-Flash” in the BIOS?

Yes is that models. I have M flash of lot of them.