[REQUEST] Unlock all hidden menus Intel DQ57TM


I need to unlock, If it is possible, all the hidden menus for this BIOS

Here is the BIOS

https:// community.intel.com/cipcp26785/attachments/cipcp26785/desktop-boards/56000/1/TM0050.zip

Thanks in advance

I need RAM latency configuration menu.

The user IntelModder seems to be the most and latest qualified for helping you on this subject, almost sure that you’ll need an SPI programmer for this.
Since this is an Aptio IV Core bios, AMIBCP usually works on this, else the method for Aptio V using IFRextract and HEX edit.
You should wait if is available or do your own tests.

There is no menu in your BIOS with RAM latency settings.

So, no possibility to adjust manually RAM latencies?

In the BIOS of this mobo - no.