[Request] Unlock BCLK Frequency setting and possibly voltage overrides? Asus Prime B450-Plus

Hello! I’m hoping a kind soul can do some BIOS modding for me as I’m entirely out of my depth with hex edits and the like. Too many numbers for me to make any sense of it. (I’m sure I can follow some clear instructions though)
My primary concern is gaining control over the BCLK Frequency. I’m having issues with it setting itself to weirdly low values like 98.4 and not fixing until I CMOS reset and manually re-enter my previous values.
If possible, unlocking everything as well as the ability to set voltage overrides rather than working with offsets would be much appreciated.

I’ve managed to extract the AMI Setup IFR through UBU, not that I really have any idea how to use it.
It’s attached to this post.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance!!

asus-b450-prime-plus.zip (342 KB)


Your product is still supported,i advice against modding your bios.its highly likely that they will release further updates for this device,therefore your modifications will not be permanent

The Base Clock or BCLK in a motherboard is the clock speed that drives a lot of things on the motherboard, from system RAM to the CPU, and also PCIE devices.

Base Clock overclocking is where you can overclock CPUs and memory via manual manipulation of the base clock multiplier. The only drawback of this kind of overclocking is that it greatly increases instability of not just your CPU, but your memory and quite possibly your PCIE lanes which would be a mess.

BCLK overclocking has come a far ways though, certain motherboards can isolate the BCLK so only your CPU and RAM are being overclocked

I don’t recommend it. 1, The BCLK multiplier doesn’t go very high before getting unstable, 2, it’s much easier to just overclock via multiplier on the CPU if you only want your CPU overclocked