[Request] Unlock bios Acer Nitro 5 AN515-55-50LX

Unlock bios pls Acer Nitro 5 AN515-55-50LX can some one please mod the bios for me ? i want to unlock advanced settings but i dont know how to mod specs:
i5-10300h rtx 3050ti

Dump sendspace.com/filegroup/GX0OBGHOcm%2BRCeFXJQlS5w

BIOS MOD: Neempo.zip.

sorry my vars was not completely complete due to bios protection, how did you manage to do it even with incomplete code? I did not take risks, I added the complete file.

vars.txt (227 KB)

Hello, my system model number isn’t quite the same; mine is a Nitro 5 AN515-55-55M1. I’m also trying to access the advanced sections of my BIOS if you’d be so kind as to assist with a mod. The link I’m attaching has both the results .rar file and the vars.txt files attached. Thank you in advance!
I’m a new member so it wouldn’t let me include a link but I think this is the best I can do:
sendspace (dotcomslash) filegroup (slash) ldVIIG2bTyCKJ%2FQh4k4GbA

Failed to load driver (PCI access for Windows).
BACKUP_tools needs administrator privileges.

I ran the utility with admin privileges, I’m not sure what went wrong; I’m going to do a quick search or two to see how else I can get the dump and I’ll post back in a moment.

Okay I think I was able to successfully dump the file
sendspace dotcomslash file slash 2wdps3

This is BIOS mod for you: tdrixx.zip. Extract the contents of the archive to a separate folder.
1. Run “SET VARS.bat” and reboot.
2. Run “FLASH.bat”.

Best Regards and Thanks!!

hello, can you change this dump so i can undervolt? My system is acer an515-55 i5 10300H gtx1650 win11. Thanks in advance for your work. My file: vars.rar - Google Drive

Can i get some help? I need a modded bios
My dump:biosreg