[REQUEST] Unlock BIOS for Lenovo Legion 7 (2021 model)


I have a Lenovo Legion 7 (16ACHG6) with a Ryzen 5900HX and an RTX3080 (Model 82N6000USB), and the bios is really limited. I would like to get the bios unlocked so I can set the memory timings, tweak the CPU voltage, and so on, pretty much all the bells and whistles. I have the latest bios version GKCN36WW. Please Help! Thanks in advance!

PS: I have CH341A programmer + SOIC8 clip


@Lost_N_BIOS can you help me please? Thanks a lot

Ok friend, sorry for the delay, please upload the Firmware Dump to give it a look and i wiil reply quickly …
Use this tool too , run it as Admin and upload the result file :


Let me know

Thanks, I will run this program and let you know.

Oops… I cannot include the link in my post.
Cannot send private message to you neither.

Updated: I sent PM to you. Please check. Thanks a lot.


Lol, you love Lenovo laptops

Didn’t you own the Previous model of the Legion?

Just moved from an Intel-based Legion (which throttled like crazy and has a swollen battery) to this AMD one and it doesn’t seem to like the RAM upgrade. In Windows and the BIOS, It freezes and refuses to boot until fully power-cycled, freezes in Windows memory testing and shuts down in memtest86 (without any errors beforehand). I also BSOD’d on an unexpected kernel mode trap, highly likely it’s the RAM causing issues.

Based on my recent 30+ hour RAM OC stretch on an X570 desktop (tuned 3733C14!) I know this is due to RAM voltage being too low (alternatively, raising the VDDG/CLDO VDDP and VDDSOC voltages could help but I’m not sure that’s preferable).

Happy to contribute some funds (say $25) if someone creates a BIOS (or says he’ll create one) before I return this thing.

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Is there any update on this at all, interested in the development as I have the Legion 5 model.

I have same issue. Upgrade RAM to 64GB G.Skill and now I am unable to boot at first attempt. Do you got any solution?