[Request] Unlock BIOS Hidden menu for Asus TUF FX506LU BIOS Ver.310


I just got into this BIOS modding topic because I have been trying to find ways to undervolt/unlock CPU modification options on Softwares like ThrottleStop for my CPU. Going into the BIOS menu does not give me options that I could modify in order to give me more control over my CPU.

I just want ot undervolt it and maybe disable the Power limit it came with that always activates when CPU hits 60-70W, causing Frequencies to be LOCKED Max at 2.6-2.9Ghz which is very low, if we compare it to the frequency of which the intel CPU can hover at before the Power limit kicks in (around 3.5-4Ghz), despite me having new thermal paste on and adequate airflow.

The link to the BIOS dump file is: dump.rom - Google Drive