[REQUEST] Unlock Bios Razer Blade Base 2020

Hi !
I’m trying unlock bios in my Razer Base for enable undervolting feature and I’m fail.
Nothings works - after program bios chip new modding bios notting happens - bios is this same without hide menu.
So I not know why this not work. I use ch341a programer and i trying under Windows asprogramer and ubuntu - flashrom. Software which use afuwin, uefitool ifrextractor, notepad ++ an hex editor. Modding bios show change options „user” but after programming chip not.
My Razer Base is a RZ09-03286W32 model RTX2060 i7 10750H.
So I get a job for unlock my bios (1.06) to enable undervolting for some price.

Any luck on your bios unlocking?