[ REQUEST ] Unlock hidden / advanced BIOS settings on Acer Swift 1 laptop (SF114-32)

I would like to unlock the advanced BIOS settings page, and would like to take a look on them, because maybe I will find some useful options, to make life easier, eg.: to power on my laptop without opening the lid (wake on AC, wake on USB keyboard, etc. and without using this balloon trick https://youtu.be/LSsqOQH4LQQ ), or other useful settings. I have no clue which UEFI variables to set with setup_var command at an UEFI shell, and on which offset, to unlock the BIOS, and make the advanced BIOS setup screen available.

My laptop is currently flashed with BIOS version 1.07, which can be downloaded here: https://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles…BC=ACER&SC=PA_6

It contains an .exe file, which can be uncompressed with 7z. Then the isflash.bin BIOS image will be resulted.

BIOS is: InsydeH20

I can open the image with H2OUVE application, and view the different strings in the BIOS image, but I can’t modify the settings, because the H2OUVE application I have is quite old, I think (

In another version of the UEFI variable editor tool ( I can see the settings too, but I am unable to click on them or edit them:

Hello. I’m also looking for a BIOS mod for this laptop model (SF114-32). However the mod I need is “legacy” boot mode enabled, if possible.
And I believe it should be possible, because if I open the latest BIOS file version 1.12 from Acer Product Support web page (can’t post links) using the H2OUVE (UEFI Variable Editor) tool, I see the “Boot mode” menu is present, with two options - UEFI and Legacy (see attachment). On the actual laptop however I do not see this menu option at all, only “Secure boot”.
Thank you in advance!