[REQUEST] unlock my hidden bios settings

ecs h61h2-cm v1.0
im having issues trying to change my bios settings through Grub it seems to be locked in some way and idk what’s going on, i would appreciate if anyone can mod my bios so i can disable HPET and other hidden settings.

p.s: theres no documentation whatsoever about my motherboard on the internet so i had to use universal bios backup toolkit 2.0 to extract my current bios rom

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AmericanMegatrendsInc.-4.6.4.zip (1.29 MB)

Hi friend, to make the modify we have to find a way to reflash your bios so use this tool, run it as Admin and upload the result file here :


Let me know

the exe doesn’t work on my system i checked everywhere i dont get the results20.rar file

@BDMaster i can install windows 10 21H1 if needed

i cant install 21H1 my motherboard doesnt support gpt uefi, this is so annoying

Usually I could figure stuff like this out within a few hours.
Now I can’t :slight_smile:
Can somebody help me unlock mine?

I wasn’t able to run the GET_VARS. It runs without error but I don’t see a file.