[Request] Unlocked ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WiFi) BIOS

I have been following the INTEL guide here :


however my board is by AMD and ASUS, newer,

ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WI-FI) | Motherboards | ROG United States (asus.com)

so i was doubtful it would work! which it hasn’t, so i’m here asking for help and to hopefully make a guide for others to find on the internet, like i did the one above.

  1. i used afudos to save my current bios, which came out at 16mb, the .cap file is 32mb, but if you hex edit it open, youll find two .roms, 1st one for zen 1 and 2, between start DC0 end 1000FFF 2ed one for zen 3 and 5, start 1001000 end 2000fff, both open up with AMIBCP5, so you know they are the real deal, and that getting a 16mb .rom file must be normal for this system

  2. when i try and flash what i saved, with “afudos rom.rom /o” no edits, i get the following errors
    afuefix64 displays 18 - error: secure flash rom verify fail.
    afudos displays 22 - error: problem allocating memory
    afuwinx64 18 - error: secure flash rom verify fail.

ill add (the /gan command only works on older version and only applies the logo) when compare whats been flashed and what i wanted to get flashed, large parts haven’t been flashed, so while this worked maybe for older boards, it isn’t working anymore

  1. i have downloaded UEFITool and FRExtractor-RS and located :
EqIdVal QuestionId: 0x33B, Value: 0x0
OneOf Prompt: "BIOS Flash write protect", Help: "BIOS Flash write protect Function enable/disable", QuestionFlags: 0x0, QuestionId: 0x30E, VarStoreId: 0x36, VarOffset: 0x3, Flags: 0x10, Size: 8, Min: 0x0, Max: 0x1, Step: 0x0
OneOfOption Option: "Disabled" Value: 0, Default, MfgDefault
OneOfOption Option: "Enabled" Value: 1
		0x630EE 			End of Options {29 02}
0x630F0 		End If {29 02}
0x630F2 		Suppress If: {0A 82}
0x630F4 			Variable 0x33B equals 0x0 {12 06 3B 03 00 00}
0x630FA 			Setting: BIOS Flash write protect, Variable: 0x3 {05 91 25 0D 26 0D 0E 03 36 00 03 00 00 10 00 01 00}
0x6310B 				Option: Disabled, Value: 0x0 {09 07 04 00 30 00 00}
0x63112 				Option: Enabled, Value: 0x1 {09 07 03 00 00 00 01}
0x63119 			End of Options {29 02}
0x6311B 		End If {29 02}

I’ve then assumed the command would be something like :

setup_var 0x3 0x0
setup_var2 0x3 0x0
setup_var_3 0x3 0x0
setup_var_vs 0x3 0x1 0x0
setup_var_cv 0x3 0x1 0x0

however none of the above setup_var commands work, when i enter setup_var 0x3 i get a response of 0x1? after changing it, i get a response of 0x0, so you would think its disabled… but i still end up with the same error 18 - error: secure flash rom verify fail. / 22 - error: problem allocating memory

warning i am not responsible for you bricking you’re board, please do not try anything listed here just yet, as i need help to come up with the correct information

flashback doesn’t work, ive tried a fat16 / fat32 drive, renamed the file to C8HW.CAP i just get a solid blue light, /recovery doesn’t work, it never picks up the .cap file and starts flashing it, not even with the official stock .cap file

As requested by you, I have moved your post into the “BIOS Modding Request” section and gave it a meaningful thread title. Unfortunately you forgot to mention your mainboard’s model name. I took it from one of your screenshots. Please add the BIOS version and attach the link to the original BIOS.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

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i can mod my own bios file, its translating “BIOS Flash write protect” and working out the setup_var Disable code. so i can write to my bios chip, its as if i dont even own my own board, asus still owns it? even when its out of warranty…

First, these are the wrong commands for setup_var to manipulate the setting in a variable store other than Setup.
Second, the setting must be in Disabled state already. It is indicated in the textual output you got. And as far as I understand this particular protection only affects whether AFUWIN can detect an SPI device (BIOS chip). In your case it detects.

Don’t know what your chip is, but have you tried the Flashrom program? It has a function to use internal interface to write BIOS.

The link to the Flashrom tool can be found within the start post of >this< thread.

@Sweet_Kitten no i haven’t tried flashrom, the version of AMIBCP5 im using is out of date, so who knows if its disabled or enabled, could you help me with the code for setup_var, give me the correct one and ill tell you the reply i get before change, and what happens after i apply the change

@Fernando im not uploading my .rom file as that will include my mac address and serial number which someone can take… the upload on the site, at least in comments doesn’t allow attaching .rom images
would you like me to link to my edited ones from the .cap files ? googledrive ?

setup_var_cv SIBoardItemControl 0x3 0x01 0x00

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i see a link to an msi page, but i can’t find the link to the download page for flashrom, i think this is for msi not asus,

ill give it a spin and report back

The download link is attached to the start post of the previously linked thread.
The Guide about how to use the “Flashrom” tool can be found within the “Annex” of the start post.

@Sweet_Kitten the reply i got… is that it’s already 0x0

“successfully obtained “SIBoardItemControl” variable from VSS (got 35 (0x23) bytes).
offset 0x03 is: 0x00”

if i set it to 0x1 would that make it enabled, and so i can’t make any changes, even with setup_var? i dont really understand why im getting errors if its already disabled, makes no sense.

@Fernando i found “Flashrom 1.2 Files for USB Stick running DOS” i prefer to get things straight from the dev flashrom give it a go

flashrom says no (little britain joke)

I don’t want to do many things, so maybe it would help if i just showed what, “I want to do” and get the codes to do these things by setup_var

I would like to change the fan speed of the pch fan (chipset fan) and aspm support (active state power management). it helps lower the heat out put of the chipset, i would like to SEE the options in the bios so that i can turn them on and off within the bios.

Not with the PCH fan speeds.

The bios string “Flash write protect” is not related to the flash of mod bios files.
Its just a feature like you see in other motherboards (Usually we see a lot in OEM like HP, Lenvo, Dell…) to prevent accidental flashes or bios updates/downgrades.

A mod is always a MOD and standard security (In this case, AMI features) on current motherboards always prevent flashing mod bios files.

Your motherboard model supports USB BFB feature, usually its the best method for flashing mods, AMI tools or regular Asus methods will always fails as you already saw.
The /GAN option was more successful in AMI IV core bioses, very few V will work with the AFUWIN that supports the /GAN cmd.

USB BFB can be very picky in some ASUS boards, regarding USB drive model and size, always the smallest size and different brands is what we need to try.
I had an ASUS that only after CLR CMOS and leaving only 1 stick of RAM, the function worked…
Also i had another ASUS that only accepted FAT16…

As already mentioned in previous posts, Flashrom also worked on several AMI/AMD based bioses.
Other than that, direct programming with a CH341A

The tool AMIBCP will not reflect the changes in AMI V bioses as it was on AMI IV and theres no recent versions leaked around the web…

New method user friendly for modern AMI V bioses is the UEFI tool editor:
[TOOL] UEFI Editor - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (level1techs.com)

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to make things easier :

options to show :

PCH Fan Profile
ASPM Support

With setup_var it MAY BE possible to unhide ASPM Support, but never PCH Fan settings.

could we try?

ASPM Support is here

End of Options {29 02}
0x57114 		End If {29 02}
0x57116 		Subtitle:  {02 87 02 00 00 00 00}
0x5711D 		End {29 02}
0x5711F 		Subtitle: PCI Express Link Register Settings {02 87 8C 04 00 00 00}
0x57126 		End {29 02}
0x57128 		Grayout If: {19 82}
0x5712A 			Variable 0x344 equals 0x1 {12 06 44 03 01 00}
0x57130 			Setting: ASPM Support, Variable: 0x241 {05 91 B2 04 B3 04 F4 01 01 00 41 02 10 10 00 37 00}
0x57141 				Option: Disabled, Value: 0x0 {09 07 04 00 30 00 00}
0x57148 				Option: Auto, Value: 0x37 {09 07 05 00 00 00 37}
0x5714F 				Option: Force L0s, Value: 0x1 {09 07 B6 04 00 00 01}
0x57156 			End of Options {29 02}
0x57158 		End If {29 02}
0x5715A 		Subtitle: WARNING: Enabling ASPM may cause some {02 87 B4 04 00 00 00}
0x57161 		End {29 02}
0x57163 		Subtitle: PCI-E devices to fail {02 87 B5 04 00 00 00}
0x5716A 		End {29 02}

easier to read :

		Subtitle Prompt: "", Help: "", Flags: 0x0
		Subtitle Prompt: "PCI Express Link Register Settings", Help: "", Flags: 0x0
			EqIdVal QuestionId: 0x344, Value: 0x1
			OneOf Prompt: "ASPM Support", Help: "Set the ASPM Level:
Force L0s - Force all links to L0s State
AUTO - BIOS auto configure
DISABLE - Disables ASPM", QuestionFlags: 0x10, QuestionId: 0x1F4, VarStoreId: 0x1, VarOffset: 0x241, Flags: 0x10, Size: 8, Min: 0x0, Max: 0x37, Step: 0x0
				OneOfOption Option: "Disabled" Value: 0, Default, MfgDefault
				OneOfOption Option: "Auto" Value: 55
				OneOfOption Option: "Force L0s" Value: 1
		Subtitle Prompt: "WARNING: Enabling ASPM may cause some", Help: "", Flags: 0x0
		Subtitle Prompt: "         PCI-E devices to fail", Help: "", Flags: 0x0
			EqIdVal QuestionId: 0x344, Value: 0x1
			OneOf Prompt: "Extended Synch", Help: "If ENABLED allows generation of Extended Synchronization patterns.", QuestionFlags: 0x10, QuestionId: 0x1F5, VarStoreId: 0x1, VarOffset: 0x242, Flags: 0x10, Size: 8, Min: 0x0, Max: 0x1, Step: 0x0
				OneOfOption Option: "Disabled" Value: 0
				OneOfOption Option: "Enabled" Value: 1
				Default DefaultId: 0x0 Value: 0
				Default DefaultId: 0x1 Value: 0

PCH fan profile is found here

0x5BA99 			End If {29 02}
0x5BA9B 			Suppress If: {0A 82}
0x5BA9D 				True {46 02}
0x5BA9F 				Suppress If: {0A 82}
0x5BAA1 					Variable 0x280F equals 0x0 {12 06 0F 28 00 00}
0x5BAA7 					Setting: PCH Fan Profile, Variable: 0xA2 {05 91 15 0C D6 0C 14 28 22 00 A2 00 14 10 00 03 00}
0x5BAB8 						Option: Standard, Value: 0x0 {09 07 A0 0B 00 00 00}
0x5BABF 						Option: Silent, Value: 0x1 {09 07 A1 0B 00 00 01}
0x5BAC6 						Option: Turbo, Value: 0x2 {09 07 A3 0B 00 00 02}
0x5BACD 						Option: Manual, Value: 0x3 (default) {09 07 A4 0B 10 00 03}
0x5BAD4 					End of Options {29 02}
0x5BAD6 				End If {29 02}
0x5BAD8 			End If {29 02}
0x5BADA 			Suppress If: {0A 82}
0x5BADC 				Variable 0x2814 equals 0x3 {12 86 14 28 03 00}
0x5BAE2 					Not {17 02}
0x5BAE4 					Variable 0x280F equals 0x0 {12 06 0F 28 00 00}
0x5BAEA 					Or {16 02}
0x5BAEC 					Variable 0x280F equals 0x3 {12 06 0F 28 03 00}
0x5BAF2 					Not {17 02}
0x5BAF4 					Or {16 02}
0x5BAF6 				End {29 02}

easier to read

					EqIdVal QuestionId: 0x280F, Value: 0x0
					OneOf Prompt: "  PCH Fan Profile", Help: "Select the appropriate performance level for assigned fan/pump.", QuestionFlags: 0x14, QuestionId: 0x2814, VarStoreId: 0x22, VarOffset: 0xA2, Flags: 0x10, Size: 8, Min: 0x0, Max: 0x3, Step: 0x0
						OneOfOption Option: "Standard" Value: 0
						OneOfOption Option: "Silent" Value: 1
						OneOfOption Option: "Turbo" Value: 2
						OneOfOption Option: "Manual" Value: 3, Default
				EqIdVal QuestionId: 0x2814, Value: 0x3
					EqIdVal QuestionId: 0x280F, Value: 0x0
					EqIdVal QuestionId: 0x280F, Value: 0x3

Try setup_var_cv SystemAccess 0x0 0x01 0x1

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what’s this one for? ASPM Support or PCH fan