[Request] Unlocked ASUS ROG G20CB BIOS

Hey everyone,
I recently got this old Skylake based computer and I wanted to squeeze a little bit more juice out of the 6400 that’s in there, however the ASUS ROG BIOS is surprisingly limited and doesn’t really allow for anything. I was wondering whether it’d be possible to somehow unlock the capabilities of this board for a little overclocking.

I think it was successfully attempted in the past (win-raid(dot)com/t4999f16-Asus-G-CB-Bios-Unlock-Overclocking-Features.html) but unfortunately all of the links are dead and I don’t quite understand the changes made so I don’t even dare to attempt it myself with no knowledge :smiley:

BIOS link: dlcdnets(dot)asus(dot)com/pub/ASUS/GamingDT/G20CB/H170-P-ASUS-G20CB-2202.zip
CPU: i5-6400
RAM: 16GB 2133MHz DDR4 so-dimms


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