[Request] Unlocked ASUS ROG Maximus IX Extreme BIOS

here is a link to my modified Maximus ix extreme bios (modified with coffeetime):


Im looking for hidden menus (GPU Aperture size setting to be exact) AND the SR-IOV option to be enabled. <br />also I would like to know if its possible to port a bios from M10A (closest z370 board I can think of) for better memory stability.(there are some other settings that doesn`t work properly on my board but they do on a M10A I have tested)
here is the link to M10A bios:
Maximus X Apex

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Use IFRextract and see wot ur bios got about the variables u intend… the rest is ridiculous, im sure that u see a lot of "porting" where ever…

Just got a maximus ix extreme for free and about to pickup a 9900k very cheap. Mind giving me some details on what is/isn’t working e.g memory speeds, stability etc? Probably looking at applying your mod to my own mobo.