[Request] Unlocked ASUS ROG Mothership BIOS

I tried to modify and flash the newly updated bios 308 of gz700gx, but it didn’t work out from the bottom line.

So I want to explain the methods I did, and I wonder if you can explain why it didn’t work:

  1. After updating the bios, through FPTW64.EXE,
    With the fptw64.exe-bios-dump.rom command,
    Dumped bios were obtained.
  2. Hidden functions of bios were made into USER through AMIBCP and stored in DUMP2.ROM.
  3. After that, I found the offset value through uefitools and IFRextractor.
    It moved to GRUB SHELL through USB booting and attempted to change the offset.
  4. And through FPTW,
    The FPTW64.EXE-BIOS-FDUMP2.ROM command was executed, but it did not work well. (error 167)

I wonder what I did without here and the problem of the process.

Thank you for reading it.
I want to unlock all of AMI BIOS.

ADD : ANYWAY, i success flash. [/li][/ol]
I made it (DEFAULT -> USER) so that the detailed value of the bios can be seen through AMIBCP and saved it.[/li][/ol]
I flashed the bios, but nothing changed.[/li][/ol]

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I made it (DEFAULT -> USER) so that the detailed value of the bios can be seen through AMIBCP and saved it.
I flashed the bios, but nothing changed.
then how to mod my bios? it’s wrong with AMIBCP 5?

The AMIBCP method doesn’t work on latest AMI Aptio V core bios, the method is IFRextract and HEX edit stings/values.

Unlock bios pls Acer Nitro 5 AN515-55-50LX can some one please mod the bios for me ? i want to unlock advanced settings but i dont know how to mod specs:
i5-10300h rtx 3050ti

Thanks for your awnser.
I understand what you mean. If so, it is necessary to use irfextract and hex, so I wonder if it is possible to make the menu visible. And I’m curious what each value of aetupvar means.

Then how to change hxd?
Replace guid?
Or modify hxd 16bit?

Thanks all! I unlocked it myself.
Thanks for kitty.

keygene hi, can you tell me how you did it? i want to do it on my asus rog laptop too but no one help me.

You can use hxd and uefitool
Thats it. Im working in progress
See you 8hours later

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OK. I don’t know what parameters to change in hxd. how to know to unlock hidden bios menu(OverClocking Performance Menu, Chipset)? and your method will not work for a laptop?