[Request] Unlocked ASUS TUF FX504GM BIOS

hello! I have been trying for years to unlock the 25W limit of my Asus TUF FX504GM laptop, I have read in 800 forums that it is locked from the factory.
I have tried installing a thousand previous versions of BIOS and nothing 308, 305, 201… would anyone have a bios already modified without the 25W limit and could help me install it? I would appreciate it a thousand times.
The games that are coming out now are very heavy and I’m already suffering from the CPU limit ;(

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someone already do it for me, but doesn’t seems to change, i have 150W charger, this can be de problem? he toldme to put in the Bios Advanced >> Power & Performance >> CPU - Power management Control >> CPU VR Settings >> System Agent VR Settings // IMON Prefix = - / IMON Offset = 25000 / IMON Slope = 80