[Request] Unlocked BIOS for Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-53 RTX 3060

I need an unlocked BIOS version of the Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-53 RTX 3060 to enable XMP profile as it is not there in the normal menu and I can’t mod the BIOS myself.

BIOS Version - 2.04

Do you a have a programmer to reflash bios in case of bad mod?

Unfortunately no sir.

Can you buy one? Because I think I can help you, but it may require a bit of experimentation. If you dont know which one to buy, I think there are few post about programmers on this forum. We can of course try without it, but then, if something happens, you’ll have bricked laptop on your hands

this laptop does not require a SPI-programmer

Are you sure?


Well, if something breaks, than for sure he needs it. Yes, you can use FPT, but if something breaks, than you’ll need programmer

No one should take well intended words from a straight person that is willing to help regarding this subject…why?
The machine and property is yours only, the loss is yours also.
No one should assure that all mod situations can go straight and flawless…
A successful situation doesn’t mean its valid for all…
Not all users have the same “know how” of such experiences
So yes an SPI programmer is not needed but can be… so any user who makes this question is only taking care of other users fails and losses.

Can you guide me?

Yes, I can. But again, just for your safety, I must say: If something breaks (which is pretty probable), you MUST be ready to go to service center to get your bios refleshed, or, as I said earlier, get yourself a programmer (It isn’t so scary as it maybe sounds). Give me some time, I’ll soon prepare needed files and will send it here with instructions

And also, do you have GH53M or FH53M model? If you dont know it, download latest bios update from acer site, start it (it wont update anything because you are already using latest bios), it will write which model you have

okay, thank you kind sir.

I will check and let you know, thanks again.

Hi were u able to unlock bios ?