[REQUEST] Unlocked BIOS for Biostar A10N-9830E Motherboard AMD FX 9830p onboard CPU

Hi, I have this Biostar A10N-9830E and its something very interesting being a Bristol Ridge part released in 2020. Uses a mobile FX 9830p CPU that’s soldered onto the motherboard.

However, it seems like the CPU doesn’t actually boost properly for some reason. The specs says it should boost to 3.7GHz and in this case it even has a 3.8GHz boost that it hits in light loads, but on full load it just locks to 3.2GHz.
I know boost is an up to spec and usually for single threaded workloads, but considering this is not in a space confined laptop I think Biostar just sets a too low TDP value or something. Because the Asus FX550IU laptop that had this same CPU can boost to 3.5GHz all core speed.

Can someone help mod the bios to make available the hidden settings or change the TDP setting to the max 45W supported by the APU I will really appreciate it. The stock BIOS literally has nothing that’s changeable in terms of performance tweaking except for disabling CPB and memory voltage and speed settings.

I have attached the BIOS file for this motherboard.

I know there’s a guide here on bios modding but I have never done this and I am not sure at all which one should I follow for this specific motherboard since its not a run of the mill common platform. I would be willing to pay for anyone able to help with this as well as long as its a reasonable amount.