[Request] Unlocked BIOS for Thunderobot 911 Air G770 Laptop

I have a laptop model called G770 made by thunderobot company and reseller of excalibur.
I want to access all features in bios. like Adjustments for Hackintosh, Overclock lock, Undervolt Lock, Fan speed settings (at least option for on or off) dgpu whitelist, thermal throttling points… Almost for everything :slight_smile:

My laptop’s specs
System Manufacturer Quanta
System Model NLAH
System Type x64-based PC
System SKU Type1 - SKU Number 1234567890123
Processor Intel(R) Core™ i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40GHz, 2401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Insyde QP211, 10/25/2019
SMBIOS Version 3.0
Embedded Controller Version 1.71
BaseBoard Manufacturer Quanta
BaseBoard Product NLAH
BaseBoard Version Type2 - Board Version
Platform Role Mobile
Secure Boot State Off
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "10.0.19041.1110"
Motherboard: danlagmbab0 rev:B

If more information needed please specify me, I will add it.
My bios.bin file attached on topic.

Many thanks in advance for your help…

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my extracted bios (myanlll).zip (5.5 MB)

Hi! How did you get this BIOS file? Using 7-zip to extract it from the update program, as you described in your previous request?

Hi!! @Sweet_Kitten
Yeah i got this bios with some extrac programs that someone sent me on my gmail previous post but the mod was buggy and wasn’t worked… it was like yeah i can see the options but nothing works but the settings from stock bios, as if I could only see the advanced settings there. I couldn’t change any setting comes with the modded one… and if a page has more options than will fit on the screen, I can’t see the following options the screen is constantly flickering when I press the down arrow key. :confused:

I’m wondering who it could be. Will you tell me if it’s not a secret?

Also, can you provide that modified BIOS? Just to make sure I can make a better mod for you.

No it is not a secret, i don’t know his account name. He sent me a post on gmail with address pythonic*** and here it is the all file he sent me. as i said it’s totally useless even the numlock option on boot. It just changes nothing.
because of modded bios not working properly i couldn’t paid him, maybe he did everything correct and my bios is totally useless.


Guys, that fan noise is going to k**l me. I’m just trying to study and 2 3500 rpm fan speeds are too loud

Well, I can tell that his patch is correct and I don’t think I’ll be able to fix your BIOS. As you said, even navigation through the BIOS after unlocking becomes difficult.

Oh okay… :confused: can you Sir change the bios dpi (or resolution idk) in the menu so that I can navigate between options? or are there still locked optionsbecause I still don’t see the necessary settings for hackintosh (EHCI Hand-off / xHCI Hand-off: Enabled xHCI Mode: Smart Auto Secureboot: Disable (Other OS) CFG-Lock= Disable Boot Option Priorities: UEFI USB )and no option to unlock undervolt overclock :confused: can you unlock these options too or at least solve the navigating problem?

I can unlock Secureboot, CFG Lock and Overclocking management options. The others simply doesn’t exist. But I can’t solve the navigation problem. I can move important options to the top of the menu, so you don’t need to use the down arrow to navigate to them.

Thank you so so so much sir i’ll be waiting you. and i want to ask this, how can i mod the insydeh2o bioses too like you and other mods in this forum. Where can i learn it?

Okay, it’ll take a few hours.

There is no special place to learn something, and do not get fooled by the obvious scam sites. In fact, the community has already developed the programs necessary for modding to facilitate editing at times. Now it comes down to pressing a pair of keys. Start looking somewhere for an article in the hope that you are lucky and the method will work.

Thank you for your recommendations and for your time you are spending for me :pray: .

I’ve finished.

Security - Secure Boot Configuration - Secure Boot Option
Boot - Legacy mode
Some fan settings at Advanced
UEFI Only USB at Advanced - USB BIOS Legacy Support
Advanced - Power & Perfomance - CPU Power Management Control - CPU Lock Configuration - CFG Lock
Advanced - Overclocking Perfomance Menu
Advanced - PCHI-IO Configuration - Pch Thermal Throttling Control - Thermal Throttling Lock

There are too many sensors for thermal trip points. I didn’t do anything with them.
Your mod.
You already know how to install the BIOS. The rest is up to you.

Thank you sir, i just flashed the bios but after deleting and writings i shut down the laptop and pressed f2 to enter bios, when i entered the bios i couldn’t navigate to any option i pressed f9 (restore defaults) but screen was frozen… waited for 2-3 mins to see if i should wait and just the fan noises got louder. Fortunately windows booted. what do you think i should do now (Btw the bat file in the zip folder gets error like fptw64 is not an reconizable******* so i opended cmd as administrator and extracted all the files in C: and wrote these commands
cd C: \
Pressed sleep and woked up
fptw64 -f bios.bin (changed biosreg.bin to bios.bin) -bios

Navigation problems again? I know why this happens. However, it would take a long time if I start checking hundreds of settings for errors in their IFR table.
I think you should go back to the original bios because it’s broken.

Actually rather than a navigation problem the bios menu is completely frozen even the clock on the first page is frozen. After entering the bios, I have to shut down the computer to exit. Esc key doesn’t work :confused:

I wonder if turning the options that were already open in the previous bios again breaking it? for example, USB legacy support was already there, but there was no uefi or legacy selection part

I wonder if some of the options overwritten on it corrupted the bios?

Yes. But this is the same thing. Just because of the changes that were unwanted the problem reached the point where it began to appear instant.
I could not have known that changing the order of these particular settings, which accidentally turned out to be the source of the problem, would make the situation even worse. I want to draw your attention to the fact that no changes were made on the first page, but the bios still became frozen.

I understand. So there’s nothing else you can do right? Anyway thank you for taking the time for me have a great day :slight_smile:

Hi @Sweet_Kitten i just updated my bios qp211 to 221 can there be a change in this version, if you try to mod this bios, I need to adjust thermal throttling point and fans :confused: Can you take a look when you are available sir?

Results20*zip https://www.sendspace.com/file/g375a8

I didn’t find any changes regarding BIOS setup menu in QP221 update.

Do you have an Insyde Bios modding guide, I want to do it myself, but I couldn’t find an informative resource. If there is, could you please share it with me? thank You sir.