[Request] Unlocked BIOS/Unlock hidden menus for HP Spectre x360


There is HP Spectre x360 — 15-df1211ng, I really like it, but it has one problem, it is very hot during games.

As long as the Laptop does not heat up above 85 degrees, the fans will spin at the lowest RPM.

I would like to change the fan power levels. Perhaps I would like to lower the voltage of the graphics core even further, if possible.

The software solution does not work correctly, when the NBFC program is turned on, the laptop goes into sleep mode every 2-5 minutes.

bios is sp131758.exe

Unlocking the BIOS is feasible, but you will not find cooling fan or graphics core voltage control functions in it.

I guessed that most likely it would be so.

And unlocking the possibility of voltage regulation? Now, it is impossible to raise/lower the voltage through MSI Afterburner.

Having unlocked BIOS, you can only configure processor related things and enable XTU support in its overclocking features.