[Request] Unlocked Gigabyte Aorus 15P YD BIOS

Good Day,

Like my thread titles says, I would like to get an unlocked version of my BIOS. Gigabyte seems to have locked out undervolting, XMP, and a variety of other features I would like to use. My PC can’t even hit the advertised memory speed of 3200MHz, its locked at 2666MHz. BIOS version is FB03/E003. File made using backup tool is attached.

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results20.rar (71.3 KB)


Hi Midnight2V:

Sorry to use this thread fo vbios request, but i cant find any RTX 3080 mobile 8G 130w BIOS online what so ever(even tech power upr, would you kindly provide that.

That will be really helpful if you spare that to me.

I certainly would if I knew how. Any pointers?