[Request] Unlocked Gigabyte H410M H V3 Bios

Hi there
Mecer branded Gigabyte H410M h V3 motherboard with mecer bios ver F1 does not support legacy bios gives oemid missmatch need to flash with gigabyte bios ver F4 or write Legacy support to current bios, need to boot freedos as uefi not supported by freedos yet.
please help you are my only hope

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Besides a try out with Intel ME FPTtool, a cheap CH341 would be a must as the system can be broken…or not.
Easier in the V3 than V2 as this one is WSON SOIC8 surface soldered and the regular clip for SOIC8 wont work here.
Wot method gave u the mismatch, q-flah or flashefi?
Heres a mod EFIflash tha u can try and read a bit the thread: Flashing Gigabyte while avoiding “Invalid BIOS image” (18)

EFIFLASH [Input or Output File Name] [Command]

/Q - [Q]uiet mode. Don’t ask for key pressing. (Secure Flash)
/DB - Update both Main & Backup BIOS for DualBIOS System
/R - Reboot System after BIOS Update
/C - Clear DMI Data
/S - Save ROM image to file

!!! BIOS ID Mismatch !!!
!!! OEMID Mismatch !!!
!! Invalid BIOS image !!
The current BIOS image is outdated.

EDIT: The motherboard will boot to any USB depending how it was made, to boot legacy (CSM ON/AUTO) or uefi (CSM OFF).
On shared link thread theres plenty of EFIflash mod files versions and info on USB preps. Or make a post there explaining ur problem.

Thank you will try and let you know if it works
No go
The Motherboard cannot boot freedos and i have not found a uefi bootable freedos usb
and Efiflash.exe is not comaptable with this version of windows you’re running (The error i get )
is what i get from the Harens Boot PE disk i used to boot.
Anyone got freedos efiboot iso for me to try or any other method
and Qflash does net work as it does not read efiflash.exe.
any help greatly appreciated