[Request] Unlocked Gigabyte Z690 GAMING X DDR4 BIOS

Hello, got this new board a few days ago but gigabyte sucks ass so they removed the Internal VCCSA option for non k cpus, is it possible to mod that in and Hidden menus please?

Thanks in advance, here’s the latest bios (F6)

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Z690GAMINGXDDR4.zip (8.63 MB)

Hello. They removed it in one of the updates? Or was this option never available?

never in atleast for non K cpu’s, i found it with ifr extractor at line 3965 but i don’t know the next steps, i’m very much a noob in this territory, also this board has bios flashback

OK. Download.
You’ll fInd VCCSA related settings in M. I. T. > Advanced Voltage Settings > CPU Core Voltage Control.


it works and it even shows up in the correct spot!

Hi, did it actually work for you? Isn’t the VCCSA locked in the processor this time?