[Request] Unlocked HP Pavilion EH1070WM Bios

How could I go about unlocking the hidden bios options on a consumer version of this laptop?

Options I would be wanting to be unlocked are
Ability to change stock gpu clocks up to 2.0ghz as the stocks are 1.9ghz but I know the chip as far as I can tell isn’t over lockable.

Definitely the option to change DVMT as the video memory amount is stuck at 512mb dedicated vram on the AMD Vega 8. As I have seen this chip be able to do 2gb at the very least. I know from reviews this is possible for at least the desktop variants of the igpu but not sure about the laptop versions. I believe this should change since it’s a apu and automatically changed based in usage, but would be nice to have this option accessible.

Definitely would like the option to turn off turbo or at the very least control the frequency’s completely as it’s max is 4.3 ghz.

Also an option to disable the m.2 nvme controller just like how I can on my BMAX BPLUS b1 pc as I can disable the sata controller on it for usb only boot, but of course this request is for my laptop AMD it’s nvme.

Lastly if possible maybe be able to unlock all hidden and available options that this AMD Ryzen 7 5700U laptop has that the oem HP may have had disabled. If there’s a secret key combo to access these settings just like on some laptops by doing F10 than power off then do F9 than crl F2 or something than F10 to get to additional hidden bios options let be know :grinning:

I think the laptop is either using AMI or maybe phoenix but cannot tell as it’s all just hp branded :disappointed:

Here’s my model and the latest bios update I’m running. HP Notebook System BIOS Update (AMD Processors) F12
NOT F20 as that states intel only.

How could I go about modding this bios, than flashing it if possible via the oem UEFI diagnostics as I don’t exactly want to use a programmer to have to flash the modded one unless it’s necessary. Also how could the AMD propriety bios for this laptop be dumped with at least the bios region, or possibly the whole rom be done via windows, dos or I guess possibly be done via flash rom on Linux which I know that could work but not sure🤔

Sorry if this sounds a bit like a request as it kind of is. As I know I may not be able to do this somewhat easily via a tool like AMI BCP or something similar. If this requires editing Unicode than could someone possibly be willing to unlock this oem bios and make it flash able via the oem bios update utilities?

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That not gonna work without it.

Okay so the security and such along with not being able to get passed the security definitely makes sense. Well hopefully one day this can be bypassed

Well if any one is interested in helping find the AMD Vega 8 dedicated memory register to change via bios modding tools.
I have dumped the whole bios chip using Universal BIOS Backup ToolKit 2.0 looks like its the same size and as the bin file from HP which is 16mb.
Chip cannot be read from AMI Aptio V this is a Ryzen 7 5700U system information reports as AMI F12 in windows so I think the bios is AMI, plus AMI BCP 5.02.0031 opens it.