[Request] Unlocked vBIOS for GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q

Hey guys! I just bought a Dell XPS 9700 with and the 2060 Max-Q is always running extremely cool on the 65w Power Limit, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me unlock that to maybe 75w? I’m trying to pull all the frames I can out of this sucker😁
Edit : I’m willing to compensate anyone who can help me figure this out on PayPal😊

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this is impossible "mod" - you need HWprogramer for flash

.,only possitible find another compatible vbios "signed"
send full gpu id "vendor / subsystem" GPU-Z screen for help ?

Device Id: 10DE 1F12
Subsystem Id: 1028 098F

That’s the one! Have you seen any vbios that may help me unlock the potential this gpu has hidden?
GPU :TU106
Revision : A1
Sub vendor : Dell
Device Id : 10DE 1F12 - 1028 098F
Sorry for the late reply I’ve only just come back from being out of state!

i find only one "half/compatible"
dont risk

Afterburner + oc offset and voltage curve around TDP lock ! - safe and max possitible

or need hwprogramer
but MAX-q - is possibly less quality // less resistors / bad cooling for VR – TDP unlock kill gpu

65-75W - use only OC offset
hwprogramer - 90-125W up "real unlock" but this is risk for all components + possitible hwdefect for mobo !
and need mod EC fw / psu upgrade

fast way for undervolt or OC + undervolt

example ,you need to find ,custom voltage limit + max usable OC

first is undervolt “voltage lock 0.78-0.8V”…,second is OC offset + voltage lock

verification in 3D render

and controls is CTRL + F - voltage editor
zone select - SHIFT + mouse
and then pull the selected zone down “under the original curve” - voltage lock on new point


Any guides on using voltage curve to get around tdp? I’m not looking for 90w either, it’s supposed to boost to 75w on the gpu with the dynamic boost but it never does and it’s never above 65 Celsius so I was curious. I’m just looking for a way to keep it running at 75w

your vbios is 65W target + limit
not 75W !

and TDP + OC – here is best OSD in your games !!
second i try find any my post on MSI

best is any OSD in game ,for determine HW status / debug / setup for smooth FPS

OSD- overlay in 3d "real-time monitoring"


here must find your ideal voltage ,.,.,.or check power limit activity in your 3D usage
find new voltage on curve under this limit ,.,.,.and try add maximum OC offset

OC offset + voltage lock - less heat - more effective power !
oem works only in low usage for this limited HW ,.,.and OC offset for full range is faster limited .)


Of course it is best to choose a reasonable setting in games for such hw
1080p ,.,. half/sync"120hz monitor" or no v-sync -60FPS target max /// low-medium setting

if you have 3GB variant – less setup for memory usage

// cpu is similar problem - static clock under 94C “prochot” – 90C max
gpu is 90C max “pascal” 94C slowdown /98 shutdown

maximum possible for good gaming


bad info
RTX -85C max ,.,medium/high setup or FPS lock /ultra

inspiration here