[Request] Unlocking advanced option for Legion 5 PRO 16ITH6H


Would someone be so kindly to help me with that?
I already dumped my BIOS using FPTW.
I also dumped and modified VARS to allow me to reflash BIOS using FPTW (I disabled FPRR and BIOS lock) - however I do not know how or where to look to unlock more stuff :frowning:

BIOS is Insyde based like most Legions.

Here’s my BIOS backup I made using FPTW: https://www43.zippyshare.com/v/Y31eQ2qj/file.html

Thank you, have a nice day!


Thank you.
I tried your file and indeed it did unlock some minor stuff in the BIOS tabs I already got.
So please tell me - is there exist any special key combination to unlock more? Or that’s all?

I do not see options I had in my unlocked (by default) MSI or Legion 7i (2020) or even unlocked Helios 300.
No option to play with memory timings, XMP or anything advanced I would say.

Or is it impossible to achieve?

Memory timings and XMP? Okey. Download the archive again. I’ve updated the link.

If you can unlock pretty much EVERYTHING - then do it, maybe excl. debug stuff.
I will take a look in to those new setting and I will compare to my unlocked by default 7i or MSI to compare what’s here and what’s missing.

Is that a big deal for you to unlock more advanced stuff? Like overcloking menu and other tabs?

Not at all. This is actually what I usually do - unlock everything I can. But this time the hex editor just let me down. It looks like it got stuck on saving and ended automatically by a timer, but I didn’t notice. It happens. Sorry.

So 2nd version have it all? Or should I wait for 3rd version with everything unlocked?

Anyway, thank you for time and skills!

There is only debug stuff left, like Ethernet Controller settings. I don’t find it necessary to unlock anything else.

I took a quick tour using your unlocked BIOS and there is pretty much anything I had in the past with my previous laptops (or maybe even more, because I saw TPM settings for example).
So I’m pleased now, because I could change some hidden settings that are affecting performance by some degree.

Can you provide the infos which Vars you did change to disable FPRR and BIOS lock?

Which version of the Bios did you dump?

@mikolaj612 can you please reupload your original dumped bios again, please. I have my laptop bricked and I need it for the reflash. Thanks in advance.

how did you brick it? You didn’t back up the bios?