[Request] Unlocking BIOS On Predator G9-793 - InsydeH2O Rev. 5.0

I didn’t know how to move my post here, so I made a new one.

I am making a thread on this because I have read so many different ones (on different forums, too) that talk about requiring physical tools, while others have mentioned only software required to flash modded BIOS.

My initial goal was to just be able to overclock my new RAM to 2666MHz, but Acer has locked the settings to 1333MHz.

I read about something referred to as “var edit” (which seemed to be just tinkering with BIOS variables via the OS), and of course flashing with a programmer.
After reading more about it, I also picked up some other ideas from other people along the way - such as attempting to lower some voltages without losing performance.

I decided I wanted to get the complete BIOS unlocked, at minimum the Advanced tab.
My question now is what the easiest (rather proper) way to do this is.

I never modded any BIOS before, only flashed regular updates through software. I am willing to learn of any way.

Thanks in advance!