[REQUEST] Unlocking HP p7-1026b AMI BIOS

No, not really, at least not like you are thinking and definitely not in a BIOS this old. Time to ditch this board and stick a new one in there, or grab a cheap case and a more mainstream (Non-OEM) board

By the way, what were the 2 hidden options you mentioned before? They aren’t related to what I want, but just out of curiosity.

Hmm, I’ll have to look again, there was maybe 3-5 I think…
Advanced >> PCIE Graphics Port Setup (Lane width x16 or x1)
Advanced >> Onboard Memory Size
Advanced >> Onboard WLAN
Advanced >> Hardware Monitor Submenu
Power >> S3
Boot >> End of POST Beep

Ah, not very useful it seems. Thanks for the help though.

@brian105 - Yes, nothing interesting there, sorry

Hi, guys i am stuck in a situtaion, I have hp p7 1174 pc which bios was bricked and I give it for repair what they have done is not used the hp p7 1174 bios but used some other and bios when I google it named as anthom bios, so the problem is after they updated my PC bios its only 2 ram slots are working and internal videos out is also not working after update, now I purchase ch341a programmer to program bios my self but now I come to know that bios downloaded is in bios.exe file where as I need bin file for flashing…! now my question is can any body can help me here to convert that exe file in bin that I could flash the exact bios that will help me for in running all my ram slot as well as internal video out ias it was working before…! Thanks
here is the link for both bios file that already in chip(wrong bios) and original bios that needs to be there(.exe)



EDIT: Can you plz read the damm guide, why making stupid questions when all is there already answered and well explained.

Thanks for the help, it working…Thanks alot