[REQUEST] Unlocking HP p7-1026b AMI BIOS

I’m trying to unlock the BIOS of this old HP p7-1026b computer with a Phenom II to be able to unlock the 2 locked cores of the 840T processor and to possibly overclock. I have basically no knowledge of unlocking AMI BIOSes, and I’ve looked through the forums only to find PCI Option ROM editing… no idea if that’s what I need. I know the BIOS is AMI because it does open in AMIBCP and MMTool 3.26. It’s a legacy BIOS from 2011 for the Alvorix RS880 OEM board, based on the Foxconn 2AB1. I’ve attached the BIOS as a download. I hope somebody has the know-how to figure out if it’s even possible to unlock this thing, and that hopefully this thread doesn’t go dead like every other thread concerning this board. Thanks in advance.
To get the BIOS file, open the .exe with 7zip and extract Alv6.07. Rename it to Alv6.07.rom, because Windows thinks the .07 is a file extension.

Hoping to not get ignored again like my last post… help would be much appreciated!

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Aug 10, 2020: Internet went out, along with phone and TV. T-Mobile is very slow so I’m basically stuck playing singleplayer games. I wanted to overclock my HP desktop, but I suppose I have to figure out how to unlock the BIOS first. I’m sure I have lots of time to figure it out.

Aug 11, 2020: Internet is back. Have to take my dog to the doctor to investigate some welts on her skin.

Aug 12, 2020: Gave up hackintoshing the machine in question in this topic, too time consuming and most of the guides for it are very old. Decided to fix up the Core 2 Hackintosh while I learn Python on the side, definitely much more progress compared to the Phenom machine.

Aug 13, 2020: Doing my college applications in advance because there’s so many of them. Decided to attempt the Phenom hackintosh once more because someone on InsanelyMac compiled a test kernel without SSE4.1 for me for Sierra.

Aug 14, 2020: First alpha kernel I tried didn’t work. Will contact the creator of the kernels for alternatives. I need to install Clover to the hard drive so I wouldn’t need to use the USB constantly.

Aug 15, 2020: Kernel guy hasn’t responded in two days, hope he gets back to me soon. Started playing FPS again because my burnt fingers healed after 3 weeks. Updating Core 2 hackintosh with the 10.15.6 supplemental update.

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What is your main goal here, unlocking BIOS settings, or just in general making the BIOS OSX compatible? Not sure if either is possible, but I will check. Mainly I’m familiar with making BIOS OSX compatible for Intel, not sure about AMD.
Do you have a flash programmer, like CH341A? Please send me a ZIP of images of all your current BIOS pages and settings, so I can see all possible settings you can see now, so I know what is visible to you and what is not vs the BIOS contents.
Mainly, just show me all contents inside Advanced, Power, and Boot section, since that is our main targets

And now, after having looked at the BIOS/settings, I don’t see ANY setting that would help with OSX compatibility that’s familiar to me as having being related to this, so you’ll have to tell me what is usually changed or edited in a BIOS for AMD to be compatible with OSX
For now, I assume this BIOS is too limited, and too old, to be edited for this purpose (OSX I mean)

Also, this BIOS is VERY limited, as you see in AMIBCP, so doubt there is many settings hidden from you in BIOS, maybe 1-2 possibly

God someone actually replied! I thought this post was gonna get abandoned like my previous one… thanks! No worries on how many posts you get daily, I understand how many new people are on this forum daily.
My main goal is to unlock the 2 extra cores of the Phenom, since lots of people have had success in unlocking the 840T. I’ll get back to you in about 10 hours with the BIOS pictures. The macOS thing was mostly a side thing and 150% not BIOS based (it’s due to the lack of SSE4 of the Phenom, I’m just getting help from some other people to try and circumvent that). It was only a joke to pass the time here, really.
While I don’t have a flash programmer, I can definitely order one if you have some recommendations. I should get one anyways because BIOS flashing is always scary.

Here’s the pictures of the BIOS settings as you asked.

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Aug 21, 2020: Cleaning the kitchen because it’s filled with misplaced pots and pans. Went for a walk early in the morning. Will call Chase to replace my expired debit card.

Aug 22, 2020: Got a flu shot today. Shoulder hurts because of it. Tested ETS2 on my Core 2 Duo machine for no reason other than memes.

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OMG 24MB of BIOS images (7 images a that), for a extremely limited BIOS, I hope they are high enough resolution for me to see what settings are in there 4k may not be enough
That’s me joking of course, but yeah wow 24MB for images I’ll look at for two seconds that 1000px wide was plenty, is a lot Good thing I am not on dial up, or thread would just right here
Here, I send back your images in the format I keep them as, 1MB download, something for you to look at over next few days as you joke around in each post - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…167733151415021

So you’re only real goal is the two extra cores? If yes, nothing we can do about that, this BIOS does not contain any core-unlocker type setting, as you see in AMIBCP, so we can’t do anything in regards to this.

This might sound like a dumb question, but is it possible to port the functionality over from a different AMI BIOS? Or are the “parts” of the BIOS tied to the specific BIOS it came from?
A possible alternative would be to flash BIOSes for other machines, but there’s millions of them and I’d have to get a flasher, not to mention this OEM board might be modified too much.