[Request] Unlocking HPET on msi Z490-A-Pro

Hi everyone,
I would like modified bios for my motherboard (Z490-A-Pro) to "unhide" HPET option.

Sadly i can post links but you can find the bios file easily by just typing : MSI Z490-A-PRO on google
bios version = Version 7C75v2A
Release Date = 2021-07-01

Thank You for every answer! :slight_smile:

Request to unlock HPET for Asus Z490-E and any other features

hey thanks for the answer but there is no Z490 A PRO on the link you sent me, only other models, will it work if I use the wrong one ???

Sry then, ull have to do it urself then, plenty of info on forum about this subject.
So search for motherboards HPET requests/mod.

welp, thanks for the answer guess i’ll have to try

I don’t even know what guide i’m supposed to follow there is too much different words I don’t understand