[Request] Up-to-date XP/W2k3 x86 ISOs

I’m wanting to install x86 XP or 2003 on a machine for software compatibility, however I need it to be online, so I want to get all the updates that I can. I’ve tried making a SP4 ISO, but it has always ended in failure.

Anyone know what I need to do to get a working Windows Update?

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nLite with the OnePiece packs.

I have been looking into the OnePiece packs, they do seem pretty good. Wonder why nobody has made anything similar for x64.

There is x64 pack too but only 2017 version. I will release updated one to 08-2019 with XP2ESD v1.6

There is this unofficial SP5 rollup pack on archive.org

get it here
do NOT trust this ISO unless it is confirmed safe by somebody here
it seems to have a lot of updates and it installed smoothly on VBox

Cool, I might try using that when it releases, but I think I prefer nLite over making a ESD. I like the textmode setup.

I think I’d prefer to use 2003 the more that I think about it. Less bloat and better kernel.

Without nLite it’s not possible.

I’m going to assemble a Server 2003 ISO for you with every update ever released for the OS. God save me.
@R3n when its done I’ll post it here