[Request] Update / help with Lenovo M93p SFF bios

Hey all

I’ve posted this on the Lenovo forum but not holding out much hope. Having already bricked a M93p SFF board trying to flash the EC as the bootblock bios code was older than the main bios code, I’ve bought another board and I’m hitting the same problem in trying to update the bios to the latest version.
The board came with a bios from 2014 installed - FBKT74A. I’ve tried updating to the latest version through windows but the bootblock stays on 74A. I’ve tried downgrading using boot block recovery back to FBKT74A and trying to move to a slightly older bios (2016) but that doesn’t seem to work either.

Does anyone have any expertise / experience in this area? I’ve had the practical problem as I own another one of these with a updated bios and a Quadro works fine it that but not in this machine. Have attached a list of updates from the last bios manifest so you guys can see what updates there have been.